2020 Netherland International Scholarship/Netherland For Citizens And Foreigners/Apply Now!!!

The 2020 Netherland International Scholarship is an ongoing scholarship fund for all international students across the globe. The scholarship aims at developing the students academic performance, study level and research projects at a greater height. This scholarship is also called the Minerva scholarship and for both undergraduates and masters degree programs.

#Scholarship Curriculum

Deadline: July 15, 2020

Opening date: January 1, 2020

Category: Scholarships in Europe. Follow (open) the Link  to start a Fresh Registration:

Type: Fully Funded

Location: Netherlands

#Bedrock Information

The Netherlands Scholarship is a fully funded open for both undergraduates and graduates across the globe. The Minerva Scholarship Fund Foundation aims to provide scholarships for study and research projects within various fields of study.

However, the MSF strives to fund exceptional and exclusive student projects, both in the Netherlands and abroad. The Scholarship Fund is also an initiative of the Leiden Minerva Student Association.

Each student is responsible for submitting His or Her own complete application, most especially following the steps described above and before the aforementioned deadline. Note that Leiden University and MSF cannot be held responsible for late and/or incomplete applications.

Therefore, the Minerva Scholarship Fund Foundation is a registered charity (ANBI) in terms of Dutch income tax laws. Donations to the foundation are tax-deductible. Donations must meet certain criteria to qualify for ANBI status.

Finally, since 2009 Minerva Scholarship Fund Foundation (MSF) has provided Leiden University students of all disciplines with scholarships for study and research projects. The MSF also strives to support exceptional student projects overseas. You Can proceed with your Application Here!!!

#Benefits of the 2020 Netherland International Scholarship

  • Stipend between €900 and €2000 for all scholars.
  • The following expenses can be subsidize: research costs; international travel and living costs.

#Eligibility Criteria (2020 Netherland International Scholarship)

  • You can registered as a Bachelor or Master student at Leiden University.
  • You must not be a member of L.S.V. Minerva to qualify.
  • The application concerns or deals with exceptional or prestigious study or research project in the Netherlands or abroad.
  • The project falls into one of the following categories: internship, study or research. D. tracks and complete Master programmes are not eligible.

#How to apply for the 2020 Netherland International Scholarship

  1. Download an application form fromminervascholarshipfund.com.
  2. Fill or Complete the form.
  3. Read the instructions carefully.
  4. Check if you have all the required documents.
  5. Submit your completed application dossier to the address provided.
  6. Make sure you submit application before the deadline.

Note: mostly there are two minerva application rounds per year, but the most important thing is that you have all the required documents and submit before deadline.

#After application what next?

  • The first thing that will happen is that the allocation committee (consisting of Leiden lecturers from various disciples) will evaluate all applications on the basis of follow up
  • However, During the evaluation process, attention is giving to the relevance of the research and how it will contribute to the advancement of academic knowledge.
  • Once selected, You will be informed one month after the application deadline for the Choosing to appeal for scholarship might not be considered and regarded as a good option.

**Register completely for the scholarship then You Can proceed with your Application Here!!!