A-Z List Of Current Scholarship In South Africa & SA Scholarship >>2021

Education is power, in this post you will get to find out all the list of South Africa Scholarships and South African best scholarships 2018-2019-2020.


This is one of the best thing you can ever have as a student, because you will get to study in the scholarship of ya choice without much expenses.

Some of this scholarships are fully funded and also some stipends provided for the students throughout the education program.

The SA Scholarship Overview

The scholarships in South Africa are offered to students who merited the scholarship on a certified level.

Yes as a student you would like to finish up your course programme without any delay, if this scholarship comes up then is an advantage to you.

So many scholarships offered to the scholars from South African university is basically for research purpose or studies, nothing more.

Many universities in South Africa offer this scholarship and internship for international students, also there are NGO’s & foundations etc doing these.

The scholarship can vary from undergraduates, degree to masters scholarships, also there is bursaries for international students form SA universities.

Studying in SA is one of the best destinations for you to upgrade your academic or education skills, so you can do this.

You always have the opportunity to explore more here, create and design many things because of the available equipments.

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Tips To Know About South African Scholarship

  1. The scholarship are offered yearly from different universities in SA.
  2. They fund the scholarship till the entire end of your course program.
  3. All scholarships are from the current based South Africa universities.
  4. Application forms are always online to fill up, with the right links.
  5. make sure you have the complete documents before applying.
  6. Also, try to apply before deadline.

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All List of Best Scholarships In South African

1. DAAD/NRF Masters and PhD Scholarship Programme 2019/2020 for South African Students.

2. South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) PhD Scholarship 2020 for African Students.

3. SARAO Undergraduate/Honours Scholarships 2020 for South African Students.

4. Mastercard University of Cape Town Scholarship Programme 2019/2020 for African Students.

5. SA-GER-CDR Masters & PhD Scholarships + Internships 2019/2020 for African Students…

6. University of Pretoria MasterCard Scholarships (Masters) 2020 for African Students

7. Rhodes University Postdoctoral Fellowships in South Africa 2020.

8. Scholarships for South Africans | National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) 2019.

9. South African: Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academic Scholarship For Girls 2019.

10. Stellenbosch University Postdoctoral Fellowship in South Africa, 2019.

11. Leiden University South Africa Scholarship 2019.

12. Monash South Africa MSA Scholarships 2018/2019 -APPLY.

13. W&R SETA Graduate Programme in South Africa 2018–19 APPLY NOW.

14. UCT and African MasterCard Foundation Scholarships in South Africa 2019.

15. Koftech Institute of Technology funding for African Students in South Africa 2019-2020.

16. University of Limpopo Undergraduate and Honours Scholarships in South Africa, 2019.

17. Canon Collins Scholarships for Postgraduate Study In South Africa, 2020.