Amazing Facts To Know About Cucumber & Cucumber Sure Untold Stories

There are so many information you need to know about cucumber, its production, health benefits and uses. In this post you will get to read amazing facts about cucumber and so much more.

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The moment you hear about cucumber, I know what you will be thinking. Well your guess is as good as mine but not until you will be able to read & scroll down a little to gather this amazing information you do not know about.

Cucumber is a nice fruits and that is why Zemotrex is all at it again to give you detailed information about the fruit.

It’s All About This Amazing Cucumber

I have seen so many people like this fruit day by day, some would always get it for there family.

Truly, is only if you know how good this fruit is that you will not neglect it, it should be part of you.

Cucumber should be part of your relaxation diet, ask any doctor and you will get a good response from him/her about this.

Although, cucumber was taught to be a vegetable, recently proves has shown that it is a fruit.

Once you have the taste in your mouth, you will feel resentment about the fruit, you might say this thing is tasteless.

Yes, I know what you are thinking but that is one of the best part of the fruit, do not expect it to be sugary my friend.

This is one of the reasons why I had to come out and drop this information here for you, also for others to see.

Now let me shock you a bit, do you know that cucumber has nutrients that will fasten the repairs of tissue for that injury you have.

Also, it is low in calories which makes it a good fruit for diabetic patients, then it contains good amount of water & soluble fiber.

Finally, here it acts as a catalyst for promoting hydration in the body and weight loss, should I write more…

Do not worry, scroll down to get best facts and tips about this amazing fruits all in one post.


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Simple Organic Features & Facts About Cucumber

This is just some physical simple properties which I taught it wise to let you know about cucumber, read carefully.

  1. Cucumber flesh or inner skin in very rich in vitamin A and vitamin C.
  2. There is also a good quantity of Folic acid contained in cucumber fruit.
  3. The outer green skin is rich in ingredients which ranges from: magnesium, fibers, minerals also including potassium and molybdenum.
  4. Contains a good amount of water and helps in hydration.
  5. It (Cucumber) is worldly known scientifically with the name Cucumis Sativus and from the family zucchini, it also has brothers like watermelon & pumpkin.
  6. Cucumber’s origin is from India thousand of years ago, presently is grown in so many countries all over the world.
  7. Cucumber has good beneficial effects to the human skin because of the silica content it has.
  8. Some other ingredients it contains are (sodium,iron,niacin,riboflavin,phosphorus & vitamin B to 6).
  9. It has 2 pigments (Ascorbic acid and Caffeic acid) which helps to prevent water loss from the body.
  10. Amazing: the extract from cucumber can be used to treat skin problems such as: Sunburn,Eczema and Acne.
  11. Furthermore, they help to prevent the body from kidney stones and constipation fully.
  12. It contributes to a healthy blood circulation yin the body.
  13. Recently, cucumber was found to proffer assistance to glucose in the body, this is quiet good for diabetic patients.
  14. Yes cucumber acts as an antioxidants when eaten with processed foods, I guess you know what means.
  15. Cucumber helps to stabilize the body temperature.
  16. It also helps in sexual activities by improving the genital organ ability.


 Amazing: Types of Cucumber Widely Known

The below list, shows the different types of cucumber grown across the world.


NOTE: (Echinocystis lobata) or wild cucumber should not be eaten because is harmful, some see it as a weed also.

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Review On The Raw Nutritional Content Of Cucumber

Below are the nutritional contents in cumber and also the amount in the body, check it carefully…

NUTRIENT                         RAW CONTENT(%)

Vitamin k                                19

Molybdenum                            12

Copper                                    04

Vitamin c                                 04

Pantothenic                              05

Manganese                              03

Phosphorus                              04

Potassium                                03

Magnesium                              03

Biotin                                      03

Calories                                   01

Fiber                                       02

Fats                                        00

Carbohydrate                           02

Protein                                    01

Vitamins zone

B1   Vitamin                            03

Vitamin B2                              02

B3   Vitamin                            01

Vitamin B6                              02

B12  Vitamin                           00

Folate                                     02

Calcium                                  02

Iron                                       02

Selenium                                01

Zinc                                       02

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  1. Top Benefits About The Good Effect Of Cucumber To Your Body

    1. just like mention earlier, cucumber is very good as it helps in promoting dehydration in the body.
    2. Do you know that cucumber contains 98% of water in its fruit, so is very good in retaining water in the body.
    3. It helps in transportation of waste materials also for helping the body meet up with its daily fluid needs.
    1. They contain very low calories, this is very good.
    2. Howeverdue to the high content of water it has, it will be good for weight loss to the body.
    3. Consuming a high quantity of cucumber will help and add up to your healthy life, not making you to add weight.
    4. Spice up your foods with salads and sandwiches with cucumber slice cuts.
    1. Reduces diabetics complication by reducing oxidative stress in the body.
    2. Cucumber extract has proven to be effective in lowering blood sugar level.
    3. This fruit should be part of the daily diet of diabetic patients.
    1. Studies show that cucumber contain good ingredient like fiber which helps the body with bowel movement.
    2. The pigment pectin the fiber does this work effectively, this is not found in most fruits.
    3. This fruit goes a long way to also help prevent constipation in the body.
    1. Slices of cucumber fruits is very good to the eyes, when placed on the eyes because it helps to prevent eye bags.
    2. It also helps to reduce puffiness to the eyes.
    1. This fruit has a good improvement to the mouth when eaten
    2. The cucumber fluids is good for mouth re-freshness by leaving your mouth smell good.
    3. Finally, it helps in healing diseased gums in the mouth.


    1. The consumption of this fruit helps in making this organs look fresh.
    2. The hairs and nails are kept stronger with the help of cucumber nutrients.
    3. Minerals in cucumber also helps in muscle, then prevents some other pains to the joints.
    1. The nutrients in cucumber like potassium and magnesium helps in the body neurological function effectively.
    2. It also helps in the maintaining a stable heart beat.
    3. Contains lignin which is also an anti-inflammatory compound.
    1. Contains nutrients which helps to combat or reduce cancer symptoms at early stages.
    2. Eating cucumber or drinking the juice helps to prevent breast, ovarian and prostrate cancer fully.

    Amazing Ways You Can Buy & Store Cucumber Effectively

    1. Cucumber abhors heat which can damage it easily.
    2. Select or buy cucumbers that are not puffy,sunken and wrinkle areas.
    3. Buy cucumber with bright or dark green color.
    4. Thick skinned cucumbers have more seeds than thin skinned, so make your choice.
    5. Cucumbers should be stored in a refrigerator for some days, please do not store for too long.
    6. Store in a closed contain to avoid absorbing much moisture while in the refrigerator.
    7. Cucumbers should be consume within 1-3 days.
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