Chelsea 1 vs 1 Manchester united: Blues draw Red Devils To Enter Top 4

The blues(Chelsea) on Sunday evening, took the opportunity to beat their opponent Manchester united to climb to top four in the premier league. Follow up for more gist and updates in this post, is just for you totally.chelsea 2I am a football fan and I guess you are too, the fun keeps getting better and better. Cool down and get the full gist bellow because I got you.

Top Four Race (Chelsea Spirit)

The 2018/2019 premier league has been tough if I should say. It takes total hard work and team work to climb to the top four, because it will qualify you as a team to champions league.

Is no longer a new thing the premiere league that top four is as hot as fire. Finishing among the top four is a challenge for the whole 20 teams in the premier league.

If you cant play your team out to top four then your team loses the opportunity of meeting high class teams or club  from other countries.

The 2018/2019 session is a boom, as Liverpool and Manchester city struggle for who will be crowned champions in the premier league.

Its only 2 matches left, “it is not yet over until is over” so for now no winner yet, among the two teams, surely one must emerge as the winner.

I know most of us are football fans, and if your team happens to be Liverpool or Manchester city then pray they will come out victorious.

chelsea 3

Keeping The Vibe On

On Sunday evening, the two teams (Chelsea vs Manchester city), struggle it out with Chelsea having 67 points and Manchester with 64 points before the kick off of the game.

Juan Mata gave Ole Solskjaer’s men an 11th-minute lead after a sharp passing move down the left flank and a pull-back from Luke Shaw his team mate.

Chelsea equalized just before half-time, with Marcos Alonso bent strike when goalkeeper David De Gea punched out Antonio Rudiger’s long-range shot.

However, Chelsea stay in 4th place with two matches to play, two points ahead of 5th placed Arsenal and three points ahead of manchester united in 6th place.


Target And Formation (Chelsea & Man u)

The two coaches no doubt are good at what they do, they have been coaching for some years now.

Likewise the two teams, Manchester united and  Chelsea are big teams and they know each quite well.

The two coaches came to the field with a nice formation to take his team to the next level, to make this happen. The team has to execute the task, this they do by playing the formation fully.

From the analysis and view of the team line up and pattern, Manchester united was operating on a formation of 4-3-1-2.

Also, from the analysis Chelsea football club was operating on a formation of 4-3-3 fully.

Football is all about result, so each coach brought out this formation for a reason.

Training were done before the line up and the main match taking place, but playing the game is not as easy as it is in training ground.

Featured Players In The Match

The players that played the match of course did very well in their discharge of duties, this made fans happy.

The whole crowd was booming with sound especially when goals were scored by Juan Mata initially and later on by Alonso.

As the match end in 1-1 draw, no doubt is a sweet game, but it did not favor Manchester united, why?

Manchester united was not favored because of the points left to enter into top four was slashed by Chelsea.

Both players in the midfield and defense line did extremely well, although changes were made.

Chelsea Players In The Match Full Time


Man U Players In The Match Full Time

  • SHAW
  • FRED

NEXT MOVE And Cry Beyond

Chelsea are still happy they would make it to top four with the two remaining matches, which they hope to win.

This is no doubt a victory galore if they could also extend their win in the Europa league as they face German club.

Chelsea will be facing the German club talisman in the Europa league named Eintracht Frankfurt.

They are also struggling to enter the final of that competition, this is not easy as it seems.

There is one spirit they tend to operate with, which is determination in its highest form as they face all these teams.

All the teams in the premier league have the best to offer till the enfd of the season, this is a set goal & target.

This is most likely to be achieve when you either carry the cup, enter champions league spot.

This is not the end, you know why, this is because where the hardest challenge is noticed is at the bottom table.

Well, the bottom table is hotter than fire, this is if you kn ow what i mean, is more hot than you think.

The last three teams are down to relegation spot and will be relegated to the lower division, how is it?

Your guess is as good as mine, this where the three teams struggle to overlap and move out of that spot, again and again.

With that high spirit bin them, they can even win the number one team just to survive, that is football for you…

Top Six Table For Now