Chronic Migraine & Migraine Headache Symptoms & Migraine Medication

Chronic migraine: taking good care of your body matters a lot, whether you like it or not when you suffer breakdown in the body, most of your body systems starts malfunction and if care is not taken, you will get yourself in the hospital.

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I am not a doctor but one thing I know is that an effective body system keeps you fit and ever ready for your daily activities.

“Life is short they say”, but do not make it shorter for yourself. Make a good choice today, be happy and live long in this generation you find yourself.

What Is This migraine All About

Today I am happy to discuss this wonderful topic with you, am not a life saver but I pray the information you will get here will help you.

This post might be a sources of help to your family or friends, relatives and sponsors as well.

Do not take this post like because I am a living testimony, I have seen someone that was killed because of one sickness or the other.

To me migraine is just a bad headache, waiting to dissolve your brain and sight organs.

If you have migraine, there is no need to tell you how painful it is because you will constantly feel the pain.

Now what is migraine all about, migraine is a form of varying intensive headache which is normally accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and sound.

From this brief definition, you will agree with me that it is a headache which is in vigorous form, and if care is not taking into consideration can cause more harm.

Till today I don’t joke with my drugs because I know the implication of not taking drugs, and other advice prescribed by the doctor.

The good thing about this migraine is that you can treat yourself, is not necessary to move to the hospital to receive treatment.

Many have this phobia of hospital environment, smell of drugs and perhaps lying down in sick beds for along time.

However, there is a lot I would like to tell you in this post, so relax and read down gently to gather all the information you need.

Symptoms Of Chronic Migraine

  • Nausea.
  • vomiting.
  • Eye pain.
  • Feeling dizzy.
  • Severe pain on your head.
  • Tingling in your face, hands as well as feet.
  • Aura (flashy light, colors and light).

**HINT:If you experience migraine or headache for more than 15 days in a month, then you have a chronic migraine.


Types Of Migraine

  • Common migraine: no aura
  • Classic migraine: with aura
  • Acephalic or silent migraine: with aura
  • Hemiplegic migraine: has symptoms of stroke.
  • Retinal migraine: vision loss in one eye, can be reversible.
  • Chronic migraine: serious headache up to 15 days per month.
  • Status migranious: migraine for up to 72 hours.

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Noticeable Signs Of Migraine

  1. Depression
  2. Sleep disturbances or sleepless days.
  3. Anxiety
  4. Psychological or physical problems.
  5. Painful regions.


Adoption Of Changes

Your lifestyle matters a lot, how you live your life as well as the changes you decide to make raps it off.

Everyday we are expected to make changes to step up from that things that makes life difficult, then focus on new remedies.

However, having migraine is an issue but not trying to solve it is another issue all together.

There are simple physical steps you can do to reduce or prevent you from having such a bad headache, sickness or breakdown.

They are; exercise, relaxation of the body and reducing stress (yoga), massage, meditation and intake of B-2vitamins can help you reduce stress.

It is all about trying to relax your muscles, keeping your body in good shape good posture for better living.


Causes Of Migraine/Chronic Migraine

I will be listing the possible causes of this migraine, slow down and read slowly.

  1. Genetic: I know this might sound awkward to you but is true, most at times some of this migraine you experience is as a result of genetic problem.

When a relative or family member has it, then there are chances that you might have it as well.

  1. System disorder factor:when there is neurological disorder condition, it can result chronic migraine.
  2. Brain chemical disorder:this is pertaining to your brain alone, when there is a chemical imbalance in the brain, lack of flow of blood vessels to the right pathway (arteries,veins).

Interruption of those things, can lead to migraine in one part part of your head or on both parts.

  1. Stress and full anxiety:this can trigger migraine in the body, although I have talked about it in this post, too much stress can make you have migraine.
  2. Drink and caffeine:This should not be avoided, many people especially men drink excessive alcohols and in the process suffer hang over.

This hangover can lead to migraine to an extent and if not curb, the situation will turn out worst.

  1. Brain tumor:this is a serious problem because of the tumor growth bin the brain and the pains associated with with. See a doctor immediately.


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Propelling Factors Of Chronic Migraine


Medication Of Migraine

There are drugs and things you can do to reduce migraine or avoid it from happening to you, some of them will be listed here.

The most important thing is that you try and stop it fully, yes …

  1. Acetaminophen drug: this is a pain relief drug which can help reduce pain, each time you have such pains.
  2. Nurofen and ibuprofen are also pain relief drugs.
  3. Exercise
  4. Enough rest but not too much.
  5. Don’t drink too much alcohol.
  6. Stay away from noisy environment.
  7. When the pain is very severe, visit a doctor.

Treatment Of Chronic Migraine

With the aforementioned steps in medication above, practicing it will not be difficult and by so doing you are treating yourself and preventing many dangers to come.

Treatment of migraine involve mix of medication and adoption of life changes, understanding propelling factors which trigger migraine will also help.

The simple knowledge on all these steps, will go a long way in helping save your life.

NOTE: migraine is common with women especially pregnant women, is necessary for her to apply the steps above and take acetaminophen drug. It is a nice drug for them.

 Drugs For Chronic Migraine

Before I move further, I will like to tell you that treatment of migraine is grouped into two.

  • Abortive:the main aim of this, is to stop migraine once it starts. Stopping it quiet early when signs show is good and the method is known as abortive method.
  • Preventive:happens when migraine occurs more frequently within a week,many hours in a day, and when symptoms are severe.
  1. Drug= Acetaminophen, aspirin, caffeine

Side effect= liver damage, rashes, and allergic reactions, dizziness, blood in stool, insomnia

  1. Drug=Ibuprofen

Side effect= stomach upset, rashes, bleeding, swelling can lead to stroke.

  1. Drug=Naproxen

Side effect=  rash, risk of heart attack/stroke, vomit, liver damage, nausea, stomach bleeding.

  1. Drug=Sumatriptan

Side effect= dizziness, tingling, flushing, burning, heaviness, nausea.

  1. Drug=Zolmiltriptan

Side effect= tingling, burning, heaviness, dizziness, flushing, nausea.

  1. Drug=Frovatriptan

Side effect= dizziness, flushing, chest pain, headache, tingling,nausea and palpitations

  1. Drug=Eletriptan

Side effect=  dizziness, burning, nausea, flushing, feelings of the chest, and heaviness.

Can I Meet A Doctor??

This is a nice question, yes!! you need to see the doctor when you notice signs or when the headache is quiet severe.

***It ranges from: severe dizziness, severe pain, severe vomiting, severe burning, severe nausea, severe rashes, severe chest pains and severe headache.