Why My Hidden WiFi – How do you connect to Hidden WiFi on Your Windows 10?

Do you make use of WiFi a lot on your windows? here is a security tip that will let you save your Wi-Fi network or from other people around you. To control that problem which is hacking of Wi-Fi security, Then you can hide your Wi-Fi network. Have you created a hidden Network? and you want to connect to hidden WiFi network in Windows 10, here is the best way how to do that.

Meanwhile, before we begin these steps I will like to give a clear sight on what a hidden WiFi Network is all about in few lines of sentences, Here we go…

What is hidden Wi-Fi network?

As the name said Hidden that means WiFi network which is not Visible on WiFi list. How to search for WiFi Visibility. Click on Wi-Fi networks icon on a mobile or PC, you get those names, what are said to “Visible”. As the hidden Wi-Fi network doesn’t appear the listed available WiFi names.

How many methods can I use in connecting to hidden WiFi on Windows 10?

I will show you the best ways which you can use in connecting to a hidden wife in windows 10 but before we begin, I will like to brief you on SSID or network name.

What is SSID?

A service set identifier (SSID) is a sequence of characters that uniquely names a wireless local area network (WLAN). You can add SSID Manually to Hidden WiFi networks but already present on visible WiFi Network.

How to Connect to Hidden WiFi Network in Windows 10

This method is said to be the Windows recognize my WiFi and we will be using the system settings to get our works done in few minutes. here we go ahead on WiFi Identification…

Generally, Most people do to the unfamiliar nature of this method, they don’t use it as much. Meanwhile, it works perfectly without any issue and it very easy to learn if you can just follow-up My guidelines below.

First, Boot your PC if not yet on and open Windows Settings interface by pressing Win +’I‘ on the Keyboard.  or you can click on Start Menu and then, click the settings button on lift corner of the Screen. or Also, you can search for Windows Settings in Cortona search box or Taskbar search box.

Next, navigate to Network & Internet > Wi-Fi. On your right-hand side, you should find an option called Manage known networks. You need to click that.

Next, you should click on Add a new network button.

Then, enter the Following …

Network name or SSID

Select security type (Open, WPA2-Personal AES, or anything)

Enter Your choice of password if it is not open

Tick in the check box that says Connect automatically.

Click Save and you are done setting Up the Hidden WiFi.

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