Computer Maintenance: How Do You Care To Personal Computer[PC]”Desktop and Laptop”

Do you know?…How about ways which you maintain your computers will definitely increase the System lifespan, should that be the reason why this Guide “Computer maintenance” is provided? YES. on these guides, you will learn the various day to daycare which one should render to the Computer systems being used or owned daily.Besides that, it is very normal that people should take care of their computers just as they do daily care on their cars,  jets and more others… for your information, all are both machines even your computer just as the definition of a machines is…

A machine is an apparatus using mechanical power and having several parts, each with a definite function and together performing a particular task. These machines are been controls which is now what brings up the question below.

Then who controls the machine?…Machines are control by animals and people, by natural forces such as wind and water, and by chemical, thermal and much more…

What is machine maintenance?…

Engineering: Actions necessary for retaining or restoring a piece of equipment, machine, or system to the specified operable condition to achieve its maximum useful life. It includes corrective maintenance and preventive maintenance.

Computer Maintenance:- Types of maintenance and it’s measures

For machine here are the kinds of maintenance render to machines…

A corrective maintenance is a type of care given to machines to solve one problem or the other which is already a problem with the machines at that point in time.

A preventive maintenance is an upfront care given to a machine to avoid a problem occurring at any point in time in future.

Do you know about system components and their function?…Understanding the various components of the system and their functions will give you a nice path on how to start up the kind of maintenance your PC needs now or later.

Computer Maintenance:-Learn more about the various system components

Here are the components and peripherals necessary to assemble a basic modern Personal Computer system:- which includes the following…

  • Motherboard
  • Processor
  • Memory (RAM)
  • Case/chassis
  • Power supply
  • Floppy drive
  • Hard disk
  • CD-ROM, CD-RW, or DVD-ROM drive
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Video card
  • Monitor (display Unite)
  • Soundcard
  • Speakers
  • Modem

The different components of a computer system have there a various peripheral function which they perform in the system…

Computer Maintenance:- System components and functions “Descriptions

A computer monitor is an output device which displays information”Data” in pictorial form soft copy.S

Component Description
Motherboard this is the core of the system. get more below
Processor The processor is often thought of as the “Brain” of the computer.
Memory (RAM) The system memory is often called RAM (for random access memory). this is the type of computer memory called the primary memory. which helps in display on the monitor.
Case this is a frame or chassis which house the motherboard and some other components like Power supply unite, cooling fan, internal speaker, CD-ROM Drive, the Hard Disk and more
Power supply Power Supply unite is the unite which gives electrical supply to the various part of the system helping to convert Direct current to Alternative current for the system consumption.
Floppy drive a flexible removable magnetic disk (typically encased in a hard plastic shell) for storing data.
Hard drive The internal hard disk is the primary archival storage memory for the system.
CD-ROM and DVD-ROM Details are below
Keyboard The keyboard is the piece of computer hardware used to input text, characters, and other commands into a computer or similar device which has 104 key called QWERTY keyboard layout.
Mouse Details are below
Video card The Video card controls the information you see on the monitor. Definition – a video card is an expansion card which generates a feed of output images to a display.
sound card sound card is an internal expansion card that provides input and output of audio Soundcard and from a computer under control of computer programs.
Modem details are below

Computer Maintenance:- Common Problems and solutions

The Motherboard – This part of the system component is the core part of the CPU”Computer processing Unite”, which houses the various chips, and mini components of the system CPU through their slots like RAM, processor, VGA port”A/V Card”, Battery, expansion slot, network card, and much more.

Storage capacity for both ROMs

DVDROM stores around 4.38 GB of data. While A CD-ROM usually stores 650 MB of data.

The Mouse – A computer mouse is a hand-held pointing device that detects two-dimensional motion” Right and Left Buttons some still have Screw button in the middle of the keys” relative to a surface.

You will resolve some types of OS problems more often than others…

  • Media that does not have an operating system is in a drive.
  • The boot order is not set correctly in the BIOS settings. you can shout down and visit the setup as you click F2, F12 or F10 even F1 depending on system design.
  • the hard drive does not have an operating system installed.
  • The hard drive is failing.

Common solutions

  • Remove all media from the drives.
  • Change the boot order in the BIOS settings to start with the boot drive.
  • Reconnect the hard drive cables or reset the hard drive jumpers.
  • Install an operating system.
  • Replace the hard drive.

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