Didier Drogba Free Sponsor Scholarship In Birmingham UK: Merit Based

The Didier Drogba scholarship, 2019 is an absolute free funded scholarship for many students to study in birmingham university, UK.

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The well known famous player in England Didier Drogba, who was also a former Chelsea striker during his football career in England.

This is one of the amazing things Drogba has done for African students, also I know this good deeds will not be forgotten.

His good deeds will always remain on the lips of people especially the African world, to me he is a philanthropist.

Below, I will give you more details of this scholarship and how you can apply for it today.

What Is Drogba Scholarship All About

Before now there has been an interesting foundation set up by this philanthropist, Mr Didier Drogba after his football career.

This man (Drogba) with a good heart already has a foundation called THE DIDIER DROGBA FOUNDATION, set up in Africa.

This foundation solemnly came into existence to help the African people, most especially those in needs.

Now, the main aim of the foundation was to provide materials and financial support to people of Africa, base on health and education.

This foundation is really a heart Savior program, this is because many Africans benefited from it and is still ongoing.

Today the African world celebrates this scholarship and the man behind it, you can easily apply for this with the right procedures given.

However, for more expansion , the DD foundation scheme propounded by the prestigious striker Drogba, made a step.

This step is possible by the collaboration of the DD foundation scheme with Birmingham university, UK.

The scholarship is for sponsorship of some African students to study abroad in Birmingham university to study course of their choice.

This scholarship varies from undergraduates, master’s and PhD programs which makes it stand out among all scholarships in Africa.

In this scholarship, your tuition fees are well taking care of and all you need is to go to the school and study the course of your choice if being approved.

This scholarship started this year 2019 and hopefully, it will linger for so many years.

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Eligibility And Qualification Status (Drogab Scholarship)

These are things you need to know before applying for this scholarship, is very necessary. 

  • Strictly for africans alone to study in the university abroad.
  • The approve sections for studies: undergraduates, graduates and PhD at university of Birmingham.
  • Age limit: this is between 18-30 years before you are eligible to study abroad.


There is no deadline for now, applications are still open for you.

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Complete Procedure (Drogba Scholarship)

Follow up this procedures or guidelines, it will help you in your scholarship quest.

Before applying, candidate must enroll in vocational or technical college in the university before applying further.

#This is the application portal for this scholarship.

  1. The support documents intact: you will be ask to submit quality documents for admission in technical school or university.
  2. Admission requirements: you should be able to succeed with a minimum grade of 3.0 or 4.0 CGPA.

Full Benefits (Drogba Scholarship)

  • Best qualification via documents and good result attracts a scholarship.
  • When you are selected, you will be offered a visa and flight ticket.
  • Successful applicants will receive  a message through mail.
  • NOTE: complete your Didier Drogba foundation application forms before you can really quality to the next stage.