Email services list on How to Write, Check, Forward, open, Delete Messages

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For you to send or received E-mail, there must be an already created E-mail Address from where you can send Email and receive an E-mail can be created in different sites like Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, Yandex, QQmail, AOL mail e.t.c.

Email Services list on Checking of Email(Inbox)

These are your received emails.To check your Inbox:
1. Double-click at any Internet browser on your desktop or click at start button, program, internet explorer.
2. In the address bar, type in the Web Address of your email provider like, … this will take you to Yahoo, Google environment.
3. Type in your e-mail address inside Yahoo! ID bar and your password in password bar.And click”sign in” or press enters key on the keyboard.This will take you to your E-mail box.
4. At the left side of the environment, click at inbox to read your mail.Mails can also be stored or saved to bulk, draft, and others.

Email Services List Tying Your Message

When you begin a new discussion is totally up to you, what you write about as long as it’s on the right topic.
You simply type in your titled and message text and click the button to ‘post ‘or’ send’ it to the message board.
Your title should give people a good idea of what your message is about.Your message should not include your phone number or e-mail address.

Email Services List on Reading/Replaying E-mails

At the left side of your E-mail box.Click at the inbox.
Click at the subject of the received mail and read.
To reply, click at”reply” above or below the environment.
You may highlight all the letters by pressing ctrl+A and press”delete” if you wish to delete the received message before typing a new message.Or press “Enter” and type to leave the received message.
Afterwards, you click”Send”. No need of typing the receiver’s E-mail address because it will appear as soon as you click”reply”

Email Services List on Forwarding Messages

Click the subject of the mail you want to forward to someone.
Click forward (either As Inline Text or As Attachment)
Type the receiver’s address

Email Services List on Deleting A Message

Click inbox.
Select the mail or message to be deleted by ticking it.
Email Services List on Opening A Message

Where you have found a message that interests you in the list, just click on it to read the full version and any replies.
Each reply will be displayed with the name of the poster and the time it was posted.Then a chain of replies is often called discussion or a thread.

Email Services List on Writing A Message

When you want to write on a bulletin board you can do two things.
The first is to reply a message, using the ‘reply’ link that can be found under each message.
The other way to write on a message board is to start a discussion of your own using the start New Discussion ‘or’ New Topic link that should be at the top of most
bulletin board pages.

Email services list on Sending Message(E-mail)

1. At the E-mail environment, click Compose.
2. Type correctly of the E-mail address of the receiver in the “TO” bar.
3. Type in the subject of your message in the”Subject” bar.And press tab.
4. Type in your message or mail.
5. Click at send, to send it to the receiver.

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