Express Foundation By Anthony Joshua & Floyd Mayweather (USA)/Aust…

The Anthony Joshua And Floyd Mayweather jr. Express Foundation is a remarkable funded scheme by the two popular boxers who are also African-international citizens.

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Top two big names in boxing world teams up to fund a remarkable foundation to support Africans internationally and educationally.what a great step to empower Africans improve on their skills, also take them to the next level.

The Express Way

This is by now a well known scheme which will advance the Africans to the next level, how can this be possible??

There is a total sponsor of $1000 dollars plus to the scheme at all times, this will help in running the scheme always.

The duo is just a perfectly team as they combine resources to sponsor the express foundation which is currently seeking for more applicants.

#Mayweather jr is an American professional boxer from 1996-2007 and 2009-2019, he launch a boxing foundation in USA, Canada, Australia for young Africans.

#Anthony Joshua is a British professional boxer, he is currently the heavyweight champion and has up 3-4 top medals in boxing.

#titles by Joshua: IBF title, WBA title, WBO title. They are top major titles we he has won and still on the move to get more.

They also sponsor with $1000-$5000 dollars for the scheme, also expenses and other things they have in plan for the foundation.

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The Program Requirement Details: Express Foundation

Here are the the various things you have to know before applying for it, this might be base on the courses and levels as well.

#COURSE LEVEL: The scholarship for this scheme are always available for you in various categories

  1. Undergraduate program
  2. Graduate program
  3. Masters program
  4. PhD programs.

#FIELD OF STUDY: the good thing about it is that the scholarship is for you to study any course of your choice  at the any university in America.

#ELIGIBILITY: this is for all Africans both locally and internationally to study any course of their choice in America. Students with good academic results and excellence in good behaviour are free to fill up the application forms.

#VERIFIED SPONSORS: the sponsors as mentioned earlier are Floyd Mayweather jr and Anthony Joshua.

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How Can I Apply For The Express Foundation Scholarship

It is very easy to apply once you fill the simple steps below, trust me…

  • Applications for this campaign is online, so you fill up the forms there.
  • You are expected to upload your transcript forms and other documents pertaining to education.
  • Write a specific short statement which includes all these: purpose, interest, your goals and academic qualification.
  • Make sure you have a workable email for some crucial messages that you might receive.
  • Finally, submit application forms online and attack soft copies of other documents.

Benefits Of Express Foundation Scholarship

  1. Ready free visa.
  2. free tuition fees.
  3. Travel allowance.
  4. Weekly allowances.
  5. Health insurance coverage.
  6. If married, then allowances might be given.

NOTE: try to register online with valid email and also with the right documents to avoid problem with the admission.