Foods For Diabetic Patient in Africa

Are you a diabetic patient or do you know someone who has diabetic? worry no more because this post will guide you on the things you need to know and above all, the Foods requirements for diabetic patient.

so many people fear this sickness while some say it kills you easily but am here to assure you that if you follow the guidelines you will live long.

diabetics is very common with aged people, feel free to scroll down and get the facts you need.

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Detailed Information On Diabetic And Foods

diabetics occurs when insulin production is inadequate and the body cells do not respond properly to insulin.

in addition to that, Its most common symptoms include- frequent urination, intense thirst and hunger, unusual weight gain or weight loss, fatigue, male sexual dysfunction, and numbness in hands and feet.

Being a diabetic patient doesn’t restrict you from eating boring or bland foods as there are many healthy fun meals which are less likely to increase the blood sugar level.

Kinds Of Diabetes

  • Type 1 Diabetes where the body does not produce insulin.
  • Type 2 Diabetes where the body does not produce an adequate amount of insulin for proper function
  • Gestational Diabetes also exists, which affects females during pregnancy.

Intro To Food Diabetics

The foods we eat matters a lot sand as such should not be neglected, it is part of our daily live.

This is one thing i am always careful, because whatever ends the stomach can easily kill you.

The medics will emphasize more on the importance of foods and why we should always take care of the body.

Starting from washing of hands to using of clean plates and cutlery is important and will always be.

Food planing is a serious problem, some countries especially African countries are not good in food management.

Most of them can eat carbohydrate foods all day thinking is the right thing, food balance is a failure to them.

Well balanced foods occurs to them like an expensive event, they always like to eat what they see not minding the effect it brings.

in the rural areas, fufu, yam, garri and rice is their basic foods. they hardly eat fruits and other nutritious foods.

Tips/Facts/Points/ And Hints On Foods For Diabetic Patient Worldwide

  • Foods reach in vegetables, fruits and proteins tends to be the best for diabetic patients within and worldwide.
  • If you can balance the state of your foods, good health will be the end result.
  • Sugary and starchy carbohydrates can raise blood sugar levels drastically.
  • Losing or reduction of of body weight to about 5% and 10% can help lower your blood sugar level,pressure and body cholesterol.
  • Even if you have diabetes, is never too late to make a change.
  • Obesity or being obese is a big risk because the person will be easily prone to diabetes.
  • Intake of alcohol can also rise your blood sugar level.
  • Diabetes increases the risk of heart disease and stroke to you body.
  • Try to consult your doctor or dietitian to help and give you more information.

Healthy Diabetic Foods For Patient

The healthy foods for diabetic patient are listed below in a tabular form for easy understanding.

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Tabular Representation Of The Diabetic Foods

1. Staple foods (swallow) Wheatmeal fufu, Guinea corn fufu, Unripe plantain fufu.
2. Nigerian soups Vegetable soup, Okra soup, Edikan Ikong, Waterleaf soup, Ogbono soup, Egusi soup, Afang soup.
3. Stews and sauces Tomato stew, Garden egg stew, Shredded chicken sauce, Shrimp sauce, Fresh Fish sauce or stew, Smoked fish sauce.
4. Healthy snacks Garden eggs with peanut butter, Coconuts, Boiled groundnuts, Akara balls, Tiger nuts, Nigerian pear.


5. Low carb meals Brown basmati rice and stew, Unripe plantain porridge, Moi Moi, Boiled plantain with stew, Roasted plantain with fish sauce, Plantain with beans porridge, Beans and whole wheat bread.
6. Healthy drinks Zobo without sweeteners, Guinea corn (Dawa) kunu, Millet (joro) kunu, Unsweetened yoghurt.



High Rated Foods Today On Diabetes And Diet.

  • FISH
  • MEAT
  • OATS
  • EGGS

Best Diabetic Food Strategy And Plans Rundown.

The world we live today is a versed place and many people, many people are out there to look for a better solution.

There is a saying that anything worth doing is worth doing well, this is true here.

Why is true, well if you say you are out to stop or curb diabetics then move on with it.

The different foods listed above should not be neglected, or swept under the carpet.

Those foods contain the basic requirement you need, don’t wait till you are a patient to it.

Many say it only affect aged people and such they don’t care about the disease.

Well, no disease should be treated likely, because life is short and simple.

The disease affects both male and female, so it has no boundary.

The loss in body weight condemns the fats in the body, this can trigger diabetes in the body.

Diabetic patients who adhere to the instructions giving to them buy their friends and doctors or through online message are still alive today.

This is because they obey the simple steps,facts and strategies involve to keep their life healthy and worthwhile.

Make a choice today, balance your diet and change the food routine in your family, because you never can tell.

Follow the post well, check and read again carefully to gather the necessary information you need.