Friends: Strategic Ways To Identify Good Friends Around You-Zemo

Is no longer a new thing when we hear the word “friends”. From every indication we all have friends but one thing that is hard to find is good friends. Knowing people around you matters a lot, in this post i want you to relax, follow me because I got you.Definitely you see your friends doing things you might not have done before, but the choice is yours to either choose to adopt those things or decide to leave them.

Building Life Around Friends

When we are still kids, we play a lot. We joke a lot and we are always seen together. But as we grew up we stop some of those things.

I know most of us experienced this life while growing up while some don’t. Believe me there are good friends even till today.

I once had a friend whose sister always comes back home crying that she regretted ever making friends with “Chioma”.

We choose our friends, you are the right person in that position to make a choice on who you want to be with, because you are still the one that will still stay with them.

However, Don’t say he/she is not my class so therefore you wont make friends with them. Nobody knows tomorrow.

Okay what if that your “class” friends always annoy you or always do things which are contrary to the kind of life you want. Will you still be happy, I don’t think so??


Are There Still True Friends Out There?

Probably, you might have asked yourself this question. But I will tell you that there are still true and good friends out there.

True friends are always there with you both in times of “happiness” and “sorrow”.

Many adolescents miss the chance of making good friends especially in school, they find it find it difficult to differentiate between the good and bad ones.

All they know is that anybody that comes close to them is their friend, so shall it be.

Some kids start smoking in college school days because of friends , some join bad gangs (cult groups) in college school days because of friends, while some starts stealing at college days because of friends.

If you don’t curtail the rate you follow bad friends, there is a tendency that you will start doing some things that they always do. That is to say, that you can be influenced by there actions.


Signs To Know Good ones Around You

  • Firstly, Your friends are always there to support
  • Your friends care for you.
  • They will always tell you the
  • They will always give you good
  • you have your interest at their heart.
  • Therefore, They celebrate your victories and help you overcome your setbacks.
  • They are there to tell you when you make mistake, and ever ready to forgive you.
  • Your earn their trust and sincerity.
  • Furthermore, They know your quiet mood and respects
  • They don’t talk about you behind your back. (backbite, and gossip)
  • Finally, they are ready to accept you for who you are, not what you will offer to them.

How Do I Know If He/She Is Fake

There are some ways to know this, but is not obvious that you will see it.

Definitely, if he /she is your friend, their actions will show and if not then actions will show you as well.

This is one of the reasons why some people complain that their friend did them wrong, is not good to trust anybody.

However, this kind of people still exit till today, but don’t panic, once you notice the person is a fake friend.

What do you? you simply give the person a gap because this kind of people don’t have interest at their heart.

They always want your own, later they will still make you angry and say some cruel words about you.

Some Tips/Hints And Facts To Identify Close Once…

  • Fake friends don’t listen to you closely, they don’t want your opinion.
  • They don’t believe on you for who you are.
  • Friends (Fake) find ways to bring you down.
  • They find it difficult to accept your achievements.
  • They use your secrets against you and can say it in the public always.
  • Fake friends are always interested in something you have.
  • They will speak poorly and castigate you at your back.
  • They only call when they need something from you.
  • Once they know your weak point, they will capitalize on it to ruin you.
  • They stay away from you when they notice you say NO to their request.


Strategic Points And Benefits You Will Gain Having A Good Friend.

The way your friends treat you determines how long the relationship will last, and what you tend to gain.

The friends you have should always stand by your side, give you good advice and encourage you as well.

However, It is a mutual relationship which the two of you tends to again, so benefits is allowed and more…

Here are some things you tend to gain.

  1. Support in times of trouble.
  2. Help you achieve goals and aim in life.
  3. Says good about you.
  4. Gives good advice all the time.
  5. Seeks your opinion or consent on issues concerning you.
  6. Always happy to see you around.

HINTS: making a good friend will always keep that joy on your face each time you remember them or see them. One of the good things you can achieve in this life is happiness.

Live a happy life and build a happy home with true friends around you.