g.International Grant (Flexibility) Grant At Oldenburg University In Germany- Easy Access In German University- Apply Now

The g.International Grant (flexibility) stands out to be one of the best things you can gain as a scholar when you study in German university.The Oldenburg university offers awards and grants for students studying abroad, many refers to the grant as Mobility Grant.

The purpose for these grants or funding is to be used for additional expenses as part of a study-related stay abroad.

The grant will be giving to scholars as you continue your studies in the Oldenburg university in Germany.

Now, the the grants to be given is EURO 500 in total and will be split into two payments; EUR 250 a month. Then, after the confirmation of the corresponding documents (invoices), then the other part will be giving to you.

However, there is always an Application for the Mobility Grant twice a year. Applications are only recognize during the registration period. The current application deadline is 15 April 2020.

How Eligible Are You For The g.International Grant (Flexibility)

  • All students for bachelor’s and master’s degree are eligible for the grants in University of Oldenburg.
  • Students can realize a stay for their <Internships, study courses and semesters, other occupations of academic relevance>.
  • These scholarship grants is not eligible for doctorate degree scholars.
  • The maximum stay has to begin or end in the semester which the student is applying<this can be summer/ winter term>.
  • For you to be also eligible then you must be fluent in English language by having either of this certificates- (TOEFL AND IELTS certificates).

NOTE: Applicants must check if the Mobility Grant can be combine with other funding programmes. For example, the „Fernweh-Grant“ and the Mobility Grant are NOT compatible, whereas the “PROMOS scholarship” and the Mobility Grant can be combined.

Therefore, scholars can apply for the Mobility Grant if their project cannot be funded by other support programmes. Read more below to see the benefits for this grants and also the application process involved, thank you.

What Is Mobility Scholarship Grant Open For?

  • Degree eligibility: Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree.
  • Grant prize in semesters: EURO 500
  • Deadline: 15 April 2020


  1. This posts reminds us that the grant amounts to a maximum EURO 500 in total and will be split in two payments (EURO 250 a month).
  2. The scholar is awarded a bachelor’s or master’s degree at the end of the course section depending on what he/she applied for.

Application for g.International Grant (Flexibility)

The selection of candidates is always via a point system. Different categories on this aspect will be important, which is the distribution of points.

  • The duration.
  • The distance.
  • The relevance of the stay (mandatory stays are more important).
  • The grades <average grade according to your transcript of records and the ECTS-statistics of your study course>.
  • Voluntary work of the applicant.

Also, family commitments will be in records for account purpose. Special importance is on the average grade, this will show its highest form operations and the duration of the stay abroad.

you can see plain statements to the procedure especially in the forms applicable on regulations. A student commission does the selection.

In the case of a draw among two applications, the relevance of the stay is considered positive. Also, the circumstances named in the application form are considered in the decision, if the requested certifications are attached.

The commission will inform the applicants about its decisions as soon as possible.

Please upload the following documents as you fill your form:

  • Enrollment certificate.
  • Written confirmation of your planned stay (e.g. letter of acceptance, contract, certificate, enrollment certificate)
  • Transcript of records (“Notenbescheinigung,” download in Stud.IP)
  • Requested certificates for all the information given in the application form (volunteering work, etc.)