GB WhatsApp Application: Online/Offline APK For Both Mobile And Pc Z/T

There is a latest WhatsApp application now available for both Phones and Pc devices. Have you heard of GB WhatsApp app before? If you have then this is the right time to go for it, but if you haven’t then I will tell you that you are missing a lot.

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This post will guild you on all you need to know about GB WhatsApp within a blink of an eye, all you need to do is to scroll down and read gently on how to get this app.

WhatsaApp Apk For You

This is a modern century and I know many people use android phones, while some use Pc devices for their daily business.

WhatsApp is a social media which can foster the fast spread of information via ( voice note or message) within some seconds when you have data connection always available.

There are many things we can do with our WhatsApp app in our phones, and many people love WhatsApp because it is very cheap to use, free and always available for you.

Introducing a new WhatsApp will make things more easier and simple. Why?? this is because You are free to make calls, change picture in background, highlight text and save videos instantly.

WhatsApp helps in connecting friends together, sends your message to any part of the world and you can be in one group or the other which can be beneficial to you.

GB WhatsApp is just a latest WhatsApp apk that you know, but with super pack features which makes them special and fun to use.

Scroll down for more info. But get a GB WhatsApp today when ever you are Free.

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What You Dont Know??

Do you know that GB whatsapp is compatible for both mobile phones (Androids) and Pc devices (laptop,palmtop and desktop).

One important thing about the WhatsApp is that is free, and has very low file size (28mb-32mb file size). so you don’t need to worry much about memory space in your device.

You can make calls with GB WhatsApp in the group, hide last seen and online status.

I will show you how to get this amazing app.

NOTE: you can use this latest whatsapp (GB) on your pc devices, when you have the latest Operamini which has a special icon for your whatsapp apk.

Special Features Of Latest GB WhatsApp Apk

  • You can hide your last seen.
  • No need of root access.
  • Complete zooming of profile pictures.
  • Total access to Emoji changes and WhatsApp themes.
  • Allows video size up to 30 mb.
  • Audio clip size up to 100 mb.
  • You will get instant pop up or alerts message to show when your friends change their image or status.
  • Can send 90 images to someone at once instead of 10 from normal WhatsApp.
  • Can copy anyone’s status by simple clicking on the image or video.
  • Customize theme settings.
  • No ban issues
  • Can be installed along with original WhatsApp without crash down.
  • You can add several group features.

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Update On Features Of GB WhatsApp (Latest) APK

  • New change log design.
  • launcher icons.
  • New settings design.
  • Update on notification icons .
  • New Emojis.
  • Call participants in group icon.
  • Update on German translation.
  • Spanish translation.
  • Update on Hindi translation.
  • Italy translation.
  • Update on Indonesian translation.
  • Turkey translation.
  • Ability to add Lock on the software (GB).
  • Enables sticker.

CLICK HERE:  GB whatsap icon

How To Get GB WhatsApp For My Device Today

  • Firstly, Go to your browser icon.
  • you can go to their official website or check here
  • It will load then you can download safely.
  • Therefore, before installation, go to your settings and change (unknown sources by clicking on the box provided to mark good).
  • Furthermore, After that, go to the WhatsApp and put in your mobile number and country code.
  • Then it will verify your number by sending an OTP to you.
  • Finally,After that, you are ready and your WhatsApp will open freely.

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GBWatsApp Untold: Tips About It

These are secret tips that many don’t know about, is good and you can apply them with the latest GBwhatsapp.

It can actually make you stand out of the crowd, by making you look invincible.

With these you can do crazy things and they will think you play magic pranks on them,you can also use it and monitor someone.

  • You can hide blue tick.
  • Hiding of second second tick is available.
  • You can actually hide your online status unlike other whatsapp.
  • Hiding of typing status is assured.
  • Microphone can also be hidden.
  • View status can also be hidden.
  • Status recording can be hidden too.

Migrating From Whatsapp To GB WatsApp And My Contents Also Kept Safe

Once you learn this method, you will never be afraid of how to backup your files or transferring file easily.

This subheading is actually trying to tell us how we could migrate to the latest version without you losing data

After the simple steps i will write here, try this at home and you will see it works.

  • firstly make sure your original Whatsapp is on.
  • minimize and go your browser.
  • Go to your google Playstore and download GBwatsapp.
  • After that, do not install it yet.
  • Go to your original Whatsapp which is on.
  • Click on the menu button.
  • After that you click on settings.
  • It will show chat history and backup.
  • Please click the back up icon, it will load for some minutes.
  • When the back up process is finished or successful.
  • Minimize, and go back to the GBwhatsapp you downloaded.
  • Install the GBwhatsapp,after you click on agree and continue.
  • Once it loads, don’t put on your number yet.
  • Look down and click on copy Whatsapp data.
  • Now you can put your number, receive the code sent to your phone.
  • Key in the code correctly.
  • Then the final page shows, you will click on restore.
  • After that all the details from the original Whatsapp will be display in the GBwhatsapp.
  • now you are free to use it.