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Celine Dion at Caesar’s, David Copperfield at the MGM Grand, Google at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The company wallpapered the Vegas monorail and plastered the words “Hey Google” on every rentable screen in town. Take that, Donny and Marie. 

Google won the voice assistant popularity contest at CES

Meanwhile, Amazon is not standing still: Alexa is coming to Windows PCs, which is great news for the retailer, but not for Cortana, Microsoft’s own voice assistant. Across the rest of CES, Google seemed to go Face to face with Amazon’s voice assistant when it came to new smart devices. For every pair of Alexa-compatible smartglasses, there was a smart lock that had its hooks in Google’s option, Google has a better CEO Today.

However, google assistant is readily available your mobile and Pc device. Have you made use of an assistant App before?… Don’t face to get connected with the latest Google Assistant mobile and pc app for free for download in Google Play store for all andoid device,  Apple store for ios devices like iPod, iPad… and also available for Windows, Mac and much more.

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Google Assistant Features – Where you find it as Your own personal Google

• Make quick phone calls on a go (“Call Friends, Relatives and Family members on a click”)

• Send text messages (“My love a will be there with you soon”)

• Set reminders (“Remind me Gabbysomic will come today”)

• See how you look in full (“Take a selfie”)

• calendar events setup (“Set a calendar event for Slimzy birth on 24th January”)

• Play music (“Play smooth sounds on YouTube”)

• Navigate places (“Don’t know where I am now google get me directions home”)

• Weather information (“Will it rain today?… Yes or No. Do I need an umbrella today?”)

• Receive updates on the latest news (“what is happening around me now… US and World Trending News Update”).

At this point,  voice assistants should be the wisest choice of all. You can get in touch with us from via email address and much easier form the comment box below.