Instant Messaging Apps/Best Messaging Apps- Compatible In All Devices

This is a modern century where technology is the fuel to comfortable and perfect relaxation to easy life. In this post you will get to find out the various instant messaging apps and also know the features and what this apps can offer to you.I will not waste much of your time, gently scroll down, relax and read up this article which gets you into the game, you know why; because I got you totally.


Break Down Review On Instant Messaging Apps

Say goodbye to paying of money in post offices just to convey your message to your love ones(Family & friends).

However, there is no need of you thinking how to write a mail and waiting for maybe a day or two for reply, recharging a huge amount before you can make international calls.

Technology is part of the new development and we cannot neglect it, life is easy when you have the right things around you working smoothly for you.

Instant messaging apps is just like a breast milk fed to a little child. This is because it is necessary and good for you.

There are many features of this apps that you cant imaging easily, it has a lot to offer to you and the happiest part is that is easy to download, free messaging/texting and works in your devices perfectly.

I guess you are ready to go for it, most of us know some of this apps, some have this apps in their phones/PC devices but cant use them but after reading this post you will know how good this apps are.

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Messaging Apps Compatibility And Security

This post will guide you on all instant apps good for you, your devices and how to use effectively.

Whenever you hear instant messaging apps from your friends, you wont find it difficult picturing what is all about.

Am happy that most people are willing to use this apps and more as well provided they can communicate with friends and family around or within.

No matter the country that youR friend or family lives in, there must be a prominent app that you will use to communicate with the person so easily.

So take that chance today and get this knowledge of the apps, all you need is to ask your family and friends the apps they make use of then you can download it and chat with them with ease.

Well this apps are well secured from licensed owners, and always there to assist you with the help button.

Finally, this apps works well in virtually all the devices in your home, because is just meant for you and you alone, so make a move today.

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Features Of This Messaging Apps

  1. Voice calls
  2. Video calls
  3. Instant messaging
  4. Photo sharing
  5. Video sharing
  6. Transfer of files
  7. Search for friends.

Instant Messaging Apps-Best Message Apps And Its attributes

Here are the apps, with the features, compatibility and characteristics, get the ones you can and start up that conversation with ALL.

  • Facebook app and messenger

Facebook is a worldwide social app which helps you communicate with friends and family worldwide, it has its messenger for fast messaging.

However,it has sweet features like voice calls,video calls messaging,photo uploads and share. Good for all devices.

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This is also a well know app used in so many countries just like Facebook, is a free messaging app that takes a little of your data.

This app is good in calls(video and vice), photo share and uploads. Good in all devices, it helps you communicate with friends easily and it can take up your contacts as well.

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This is a chatting app very popular in asian countries, it has so many users and also amazing features.

It can make calls(video and voice), instant messaging, picture uploads, show line groups, line stickers and line timeline. Good in all devices you have.

  • Viber

This is also a well known social chatting app, secures your message and helps in fast delivery of message as well.

It can make video and voice calls, share messages and send photo to loved once as well. Compatible in all devices as well.

  • Discord

This app has features just like other messaging apps. Can make calls and fast message delivery as well. Allows you to join group servers and organize discussion as well.

This app requires a little subscription per month ($4.99), has animated avatars, custom emoji and more upload limits for photos and files just for you.

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This is also a nice chatting app, with Its origin in china. The app fosters fast messaging and calls.

The app makes use of GPS for location to find your friends, also you can find friends by merely shaking your phone.

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  • Telegram

Well this is another chatting app which is still making effort to boom. Telegram is a good messaging app and has good features as well, makes communication easier.

The only disadvantage is Its failing to crypto inscription, it stores messages in cloud and allows synchronize to all devices always.

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  • Kaotalk

This is a free chatting app, and is of South Korea origin. It has features with that of WhatsApp messenger and synchronize contacts as well. Good in calls and messaging.

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Well known chatting app that helps in communicating you with your friends far and near.

It is popular to young people and teenagers, very good in video calls and messaging as well.

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It is a professional video calling app, compatible in many devices. It has come a long way and will make that your conversation sweet.

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  • Kik

Good messaging app, it does not necessary need the number of your contacts to find friends for you. Has amazing features like memes share,images, photos and videos.

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  • Snapchat

This is an app that has grown tremendously over the years. Teenagers surrounded this because of its loving features, free to use and enable live video conversations.

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This app is a well know app which allows you to enjoy its amazing features if only you have a registered Google email.

However, it helps in Fast messaging, good in calls as well as sharing of pictures.

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  • Voxer

This is a wonderful chatting app which supports texting, photo messaging, and emoticons, as well as military-grade security and encryption icon.

Location(GPS) sharing is another features in Voxer that lets you send your current location, or check in to a nearby location, directly from the chat window as you please.

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  • Silent phone

This app features many things which makes it unique and recognized as one of the best chatting apps so far, it has supports one-to-one video chat, multi-party voice conferencing for up to six participants at a go.

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  • Talkatone

This is a nice app which helps you to communicate with friends all over. It offers you the opportunity to reach your friends easily, because of its voice and video calls.

One of the best feature of the app is that it cannot only call talktone users and subscribers but also normal landlines and phones. Try this app today and you will like it.

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  • Tango

This is a speed messaging app compatible to all devices, it has basics on video, chat, photo, sticker and audio messaging.

The app also comes with different software toys, masks, avatars, and other tools making chatting fun always.

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  • Band

This is no different from the above mentioned apps, is good in messaging, calls and bringing friends together as well.

It is developed to link family and friends together, because it has many features which makes the relationship sweet and enjoyable.

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