Interview Fear And Fear Of Presentation/How To Overcome Such Fears/How To Succeed In That Interview

Do you know that you can secure that job today if you remove that interview fear from your mind? The way you present yourself and your self confidence will bring that job knocking on your door.

How do I do it? What are the necessary solutions to this fear of interviews,what makes me feel rejected even before I enter the job interview room? Can I improve on myself? What are the key ingredients to a successful job interview? Hmm!!! All these and more are various questions you ask yourself in your quiet time.

Do not worry about it again because Zemotrex has the got your back, you will have the best tips on what to do.

#Key Ingredients To Approval Or Rejection (Interview Fear)

Most people have the phobia before getting to the hot seat, some have overconfidence and think the world is solely on their feet then end up missing the train.

Best thing for you is to know your key ingredients and what you are required to do at the moment.

However, no matter what you are doing, please do not give up and try to make a little improvement because it counts.

Note: here are few facts why you lose that job to another person – how you present yourself because first impression matters a lot,how you talk, what you say and your appearance when you are on the interview.

However, If you convince the interviewing panel enough, it might land you a job, maybe a good office but failure to that, you get nothing.

  1. Prepare yourself before the interview date.
  2. boost your confidence level by listing out reasons why that job needs you.
  3. Always think in a positive way.
  4. Don’t do anything desperately.
  5. Relax and try to analyze things on a bigger picture.
  6. Questions must be asked but relax, understand the questions and answer them clearly.
  7. Try to sell yourself by demonstrating your skills and experience.
  8. Show your interest in that vacancy and company.

#Reasons For Interview Fear Failure

If you have read through the first and second sub headings in this post then, you are on the right track.

I have seen many people cry out so loud that they missed this job because they could not meet up to the company requirements.

If I have to tell you the truth and what I think is the truth without being biased then, you should know this:

Fear has so much engulfed in their heart that they have weakened the spirit of success in them, that is the truth.

Also, the pre-interview anxiety can really cause a mess on your interview day. You will see yourself in the interview hall making mistakes like babbling, blanking out, fidgeting, blurting and sweating.

Most importantly, there is no specific time for that interview, how good you are can make that interview to be fast and easy.

Most interview can turn out to be a discussion because of how smart you present yourself, your employer might get excited.

Also, you can lose that job because you are stuck in traffic, getting lost or running late for the interview flustered and sweaty can be the worst case scenario.

Make sure you get to the destination earlier, you can always get into a place next to the interview site, relax, freshen up.

Finally, do not bring personal issues and family problems to the interview hall because it can lead to job failure.

#Things You Must Do Before You Enter That Interview Hall Or Arena.

  1. Always be prepared
  • This is the first thing you should always do; preparation is the best way to fight anxiety and calm your nerves.
  • Preparation leads to building up of more confidence, also helps put you in control in such a way that you look more refreshing before the
  • Also, confidence is important in eliminating unpleasing nervous behaviors as well put you in command of your body language.
  • In addition to that, Confidence allows you to channel your nervousness into a positive course.
  • Problem arises when the nervousness builds up and becomes an anxiety case.
  • Also, you should always remember that a lot of anxiety can be stressing but there is an amount of anxiety that is healthy in a given situation.
  1. Think Positive
  • Going to that job interview might not be easy, but having a mind rich in success will get you that job ticket.
  • Always know that positive mindset brings or fosters positive result.
  • On the other hand, negative thinking can prevent you from expressing and seeing your key points in a clear manner and this can lead to failure.
  • If you have much time, you can visit the interview location before interview date and also a good way to prepare for unfamiliar
  1. Do Not Allow Desperation Control
  • Desperation can make you take decisions without thinking much about it.
  • You should know that the job interview is just one opportunity among many no matter how much you need
  • Seriously, Your entire future does not depend on this specific job just put your best and know how it goes.
  • We learn everyday and anybody can teach you what you do not know,losing the job gives you experience that will make you a better candidate for the next job interview.


  1. Complete confidence boosting and relaxing techniques

ways in which you can boost your confidence and keep calm during the interview:

  • Positive Vision:to visualize a successful interview is important in calming your nerves.  focusing your thoughts and creating better space for more confidence. You can picture yourself in a room where you are making remarkable impressions and bring out the sense of positiveness of the interview in the visual images.
  • Regulating your pace:once you start making mistake, you will find yourself stumbling over words and talking too fast. Being nervous speeds up your speech thereby making you speak even before considering what has been asked.
  • Redirecting questions:amazingly, I will drop a secret here for you: redirect some questions in a polite manner because You cannot possibly have all the answers to every question asked and sometimes the interviewers will ask stressing questions intentional to gauge your reaction.  A perfect way to deal with such is to redirect the question with a familiar similar topic outlining your strengths in the process.
  1. Answering interview fear questions
  • Be polite and calculate in tackling the questions being thrown at you.
  • This are likely questions you see there:your personal interests, about yourself, talents, and your contribution to their firms, why you think you fit in their company and summary other common questions.
  • Try to get more information and facts about the company or organizations.