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Do you find it hard get the latest news feed on your smart Android mobile phones? Manager Online App is a free Android App which provides Top latest news stories free to all users daily.

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Do you know, You can freely stay updated and close to the latest news stories with Manager Online app as an Android smart phone user.

Whether in Thailand or abroad get all the latest breaking headline stories including…

Top news on your country and the world at large

Entertainment – Providing top Tv shows, Tv series, Movies of the year, trending videos, music, artist, actors and so on

Latest world news on various issues and solutions to resolving the issues

Top sporting events like Football, basketball, hockey and more other trending events

Top politics issues and solutions

Best business – marketing strategies to better your business growth

Social Media – issues and solutions even getting your perfect match ask for lifetime partners

Technology updates and inventories any wherever you go, and more.

Features of Manager Online App

• Get all the top news stories in one place just as you screw to read or navigate on Manager Online App home interface

• Enjoy related news content including images, video clips, and YouTube feeds

• View NEWS 1 Live and listen to Manager Radio 24/7

• Post comments and share your thoughts via Facebook and other social media

• Easily Click to share news to Social Media either on your timeline, friends timeline, pages or groups

• Compatible for both mobile and tablet

• Fast loading – Manager Online App is the best fast for loading news feeds platform

• End to End protection – free of virus and junk file which can slow down your mobile phone operator.

How do You download Manager Online App?

A free download of Manager App is available on Google play store and for Apple device, you can get the latest version at iTunes store free.


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