love inspirational text messages for your beloved family, friends and Pen friends

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love inspirational text messages for your beloved

1   LOVE

The affection I have for u darling u is overwhelming, so much that I can’t sleep a wink without thinking about you. A moment without you seam so lonely, dull, empty and incomplete. I just can’t stop loving you.



You are the sweetest partner in the whole world.You are the real opium of my soul.I will not give my heart to any other person but you alone.


3   When it rains,you don’t see the sun effects but it is there.You don’t always see me,but I’m there for you!


4   You are a mate with a heart of God,how much you mean to me can never be told.You are the one I use to talk about.You are so sweet and true.You are one in a million


5   God gave you two leg to walk,two hand to hold,two ear to hear,two eye to see,but why do you give me only one heart?probably because he want you to look for the

other.You are my SECOND HEART.

6   You capture my heart with your loving ways,nobody can ever take you place in my heart.I will always be there for you,I never stop loving you.



I love all the things we share together,a precious that will lasts forever,I want you remind you that you are so precious to me.


8   We were meant to be,I find a greater joy when I am with you for you’re the one who brought true happiness to me,the one with whom I always want to be.


May be I don’t know that much love for me.But I know this much is true,I was blessed because I was loved by you.



You are the reason IF EVER THEN SUN DOESN’T SHINE you will always be mine.


11  Dream of a star,dream of face,dream of a person,dream of a place,dream of a city,dream of a sea,but if dream of loving,dream of ME.


12  If love is a disease then I’m very ill but I wouldn’t want any medicine and won’t take any pill.I will instead suffer the sickness and be in bed-ridden with joy of

knowing you.


13  A day may start or end without a message from me,but believe me,it won’t start or end without thinking of you,see!just did.Take care love.


14  If I could be anything in this world,I would love to be your tear..cos a tear is conceived in the heart,born in the eye lives on the cheek and die of the lips…

I love you.

15  My biggest reward is to see smile,know you are happy and feel you are loved.I know life is sometimes cruel,but that’s why I’m here,to show that life can be good

when somebody cares

16  I will walk with you side by side on one condition;we hide our wing each time we walk side by side together bcos the whole world might know that you are my angel.

love inspirational text messages for your beloved

17  Honey,your presence in my life make me to know that God answer prayers cos I found all the qualities I prayed for in you.Being in love with you in the greatest

blessing I received from God.When I remember you are mine,my heart my life is so sweet like someone who find a goldmine.


18  It is a thing of joy being in love with someone who understand what it means and what it take to be in love.


18  I learnt there is no marriage in heaven but one thing I will ask from God is when I get there to please allow me live next door to you cos my love for you knows no



19  when a situation get you down,remember there is someone in love,even who you and watches over you and there is someone on earth who cares…I do!


20  Sweet heart,I must confess that the most experience I have is sharing joyous time with you and I will love you,I promise that as long as I live,I will care for you and I will love you with all my heart,body and I will love you with all my heart,body and soul.

21  Who else can fill the important place you fill in my life,listening to my problems,streching helping hands,giving honest and frank advice.I just cherish you and

say a big thank you.


22  True lies of love,take reqeust,be yours in one wish,don’t forget me forever!!!Greatest lie,I don’t like you.One fact you’re a wonderful and nice soul to

be forgotten.


23  I dropped a…tear in the ocean!! when it’s… found?That’s when I will forget someone as special as you.


24  Sometimes things change,planes fail,joy fade,excitment gone,you start to ask question yourself??But when you look behind true LOVE remains.

love inspirational text messages for your beloved

25  I could…Forget a

Face…Forget a

Place…Forget a

Name…Forget a

Game…I could


But forget”you”

…Forget it!


26  Do you vow to my text mate in poor network and low battery,in bad wealther and when I can’t be reached,in free text and low credit you won’t stop.Please say I do!


27  Dearest I think I know what you’re wearing today.I’ve seen it most times,you don’t even bother to change it…Your charming smiles.I’ll always love you!


28  One day you will ask me what’s more important to me.You or my life.I will say my life and you will walk away not knowing that friends like you is my life.Love you!


29  One sweetnite the vanilla say to the strawbery we’ve so lovely and sweet then the strawbery replied wait till see who reading this text,baby girl,you’ve the

sweetest and best thing that ever happened to me-my life partner..hey!I love you.


30  Good person,that’s you,good friend,you again,good taste,still you,good will,also you,good style,surely you,good looking ahh…that’s to much for you,that’s me!!!

love inspirational text messages for your beloved

31  Sex is like maths text…!Me plus you…subtract the clothes…And the bed…divided the leg and multiply the organs…fancy a math test?


32  Dear value suscriber are there 20 people that want you by their sides,I should be number one.If 40 people cares about you,I should be number one but if 10 people

love you I should be number 2 because no one love you the way I cherish.


33  Life’s full of road as we travel.Some will try to forget,some we wish we never passed but there’s one road I don’t regret passing,the road when have met.


34  To be disturbed by the beep of your phone only means that ” somehow ” somewhere ” somebody ” is thinking of you and at this very moment it’s me…I Love you!

35  S.A.R.S.=Server Absence of Romance and Sex.Very deadly!Have romance and sex regularly to avoid SARS.Message sent out in interest of public health.

36  Ssshh I’m walking slowly to drop my message because you are fast asleep…”Sweet dream”

37  Where you go,whatever you do,be happy and know that I will always LOVE YOU.

38  Among Flower,there is Rose,

Among Stone,there is Diamond

Among people there is you…!


1    Marring for love may be a bit risky,but it is so honest that God can’t help but smile on it.To my lovely wife.Happy Valentine day.


2    Red for blood.Blood is for heart,Heart is for love.Love is for you.You are for me.Me is for you.Love you dear…!Happy Valentine day.


3    valentine Day is a day for luv.No I give more luv than u.U brighten up my each day.U deserve my undying luv.Will U be my Valentine???


4    When U do not know y u seam to be attracted to me.Love has it reason and that reason is unknown…”!!! Happy Valentines day 2 U!


5    Love is not exam to pass or fail,love is not a competition to win or loss.But love is a feeling in which u care for someone more than yourself…Happy Valentine


6    It is worth celebrating of ST Valentine who made lovers 2 be hold,face hard time without fear,He ha d taken all hurdles of lovers to triumph over there enemies.I

hereby renew my vow of love 2 u,I rest my case by giving U more than ever.This is my priceless valentine day gift 2 U.

love inspirational text messages for your beloved

7    In all sincerity,I must say the love we share would not fade away.


9    Be my valentine…make my day,enchant my world,make me rich with your love,I want no one else  but you…On valentine day I have all what it takes to make u happy

be my vol.

Today as valentine go out,people near and far,

This one I’m serving right to you.To say how nice you are.

Night is falling

My heart is calling

I feel so lonely

I need you only you

But I’ve got a teddy

That I take to bed

If you’ll be my valentine

I’ll take you instead.

A hundred hearts

Would be too few to carry all my love for you.

Happy valentine’s day.

Not what we give but what we share

For the gift without the giver is bare

I want to share my love with you on THIS VALENTINE.

10   Grief can take care of itself,but get full value of joy,you must have somebody to divide it with.Be my val.

11   A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words became superfluous


12   A kiss for valentine says a lot.Happy valentine’s day.


13   It take two to tango,two to kiss,two to talk and romance.


14   So many good thing come in two and of those things me & you,won’t you be my valentine?


15   You are my friend,my love,my forever valentine.


1                To congratulate you on success,it take someone like you to change dream to destiny,to turn ambitions to achievement,to be sincere and succeed. to celebrate who you are because it make what you are today.

2                KEEP IT UP!

You should be very proud of yourself and for all’ve accomplished,and we have a feeling that there is a lot of good things instore for you.

3                A NEW BEGINNING

”Consider ye not the past;behold,I shall do a new thing and it shall spring forth,says the Lord.Arise and shine for thy time has come”the Lord is

your streNgth.

GET WELL TEXT messages

Sorry you are not well

I got the wind that you not well.

Here is a message to cheer you up and remind you that you are

been expected out of soonest.

you are being missed around here.

I want to help put a stop to that.



1          Sweat Home,this indeed,is my heart desire,so help me God,more house are still coming.

2          POSITIVE HOME

Our children  too will serve the Lord.The generation yet unborn will serve him,we will tell them of the miracles of the Lord.Our generation will hear of the

good thing the lord has done for us.Happy house warming.


3          BELIEVE IT

God is never late,He will surely do it when the time comes,and he has done it.

4          DIVINE HOPE

I shall not die,I shall live to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living,happy house warming.

5          NOBLE DREAM

Destiny may be delayed,but cannot change,only be progressive minded,happy house warming.

6          GIVE THANKS

Give thanks to the Lord for is good,his loving kindness endures forever,happy house warming.


1      With heart full of appreciation,I wish to express my gratitude to you for your indelible act of kindness…Thanks a lot.

2      you’re such that enjoy doing good to people,and surely you shall be favored by God and Man I’m so glad I met such a wonderful person like you.your goods deed

will always linger in my heart…thanks a lot.

3      This is a little of appreciation with a very BIG THANK YOU to express my profound gratitude for your kindness and truthfulness to me.If there is any other

word stronger than THANK YOU I would have use it.

4      I really appreciate your kindness,you have brought sunshine to my life and put laughter on my face.and tour soul shall be made generously rich by special grace of God.thanks a lot.

love inspirational text messages for your beloved

1              Did you ever recall the first day we met?Our first hello the day we became friend?well I do and I will always remember,for what every day,I know I’d

cherish you?

2               what are difference between Naira and a friend? A Naira is easy to earn,a friend is hard to find.A Naira choose it value,a friend increases it worth,I don’t have a naira but I have you!

3               I must have been born under a lucky star,to find a friend as nice as you are.I will follow the rainbow to the end,if you promise to be my friend.

4                A coin is easy to earn,a friend is hard to find,The coin depreciates but a friend appreciates.I lost a coin when i texted you,but it’s okay because I got you.

5                A friend is sweet when it is new.And it is sweeter when it is true.But you know what? It is sweetest when it is you.

6                Many people may walk in and out of your life,but only true friend will leave foot print in your heart…you left yours in mine.

7                Friend are angel that from above,sent by God to me,to love when are lonely,sad and blue,remember i will be there for you.

love inspirational text messages

8                Thanks for touching my life in way you may never know.My riches do not lie in material wealth but a friend like you.A glorious gift from God.


9                I thank God I am rich not with money but people like you.I may not have the most expensive things but I’ve gotten a precious germ…a friend like you.


10               Friends are like the walls of a house.Sometimes you lean on them.But sometimes,it’s enough to know they’re just standing by.

11               Time and distance are important between friends.When a friend is your heart,they remain there forever.I may be busy,but i assure you are always in my


12               Friends are gift wrapped in ribbons thoughtfulness and trimmed with kisses and smile,given by God to stay lust for a day but for life…you are a

special gift.

13               A smile makes us look stronger…and friend…?They make us enjoy life for ever.

14               If you open my heart,guess what you are gonna to see?It’s you.True friend are hard to find so keep moving.

15               Friendship is a gift that is fair in all things.It roots from one’s heart and involve the memories and can stay not for a while but for a life time.

16               If you want to be happy for a day get a date.Happy for a week,get a lover.Happy to the end of days keep a friend.I’m so glad to have kept you.

17               Someday you may lose your hands,your teeth,your look or even your memory there is somethings you won’t lose,ME of course ‘cos I will always be your lover.

18               I won’t promise to be your friend forever,because I won’t live forever,but i will be your friend as long as I live.

19               Colors may fade,the sun may not shine,the moon may not be bright,heartbeats may stop,lives may pass but our friendship,I will treasure it till the day my heart stops.

love inspirational text messages for your beloved

20              True friend are like diamonds…they are real grid rare.False friend are like leaf…they are scattered every were. You are a diamond indeed.

21              Friendship is like a tree…it is not measure as tall it could be,but is on deep the roots have GROWN.

22              Without human,life is boring,without courage,life is hard,without love, life is hopeless,without friend like you,life is impossible.

23              When life changes and we go our separate way;you will still be in my heart to my dying days. I tell you no lie,It is true.The world has never seen a friend like YOU.

24              A circle is round and has got no end…and that’s how long i will be your friend.

25              Time might lead me to nowhere and faith might break into pieces but i will always be THANKFUL that once in my life’s journey we became LOVERS.

26              Friendship is a priceless gift that can’t be bought or sold,but to have understanding friend  like you is fair more worth than gold!

27              There are many types of ships.There is wooden ship,plastic ship and mental ship.But the best and most important types of ships is the friendship I have

found in YOU.

28              Flowers need sunshine,violet and dew,all angel in heaven know i need you.year may fly,tears may dry,but the friendship with you will never die.

29              You are a friend with a heart of gold.How much you mean to me can never be told.You are someone to be talked about to sweet and true.One in a million,

that’s YOU.

30              If friendship could be bought and sold like stock and shares,those wise enough invested in you will be billionaires.

31             A single candle can illuminate an entire room.A true friend light sup an entire lifetime.Thanks for the bright light of your friendship.

32             Stars have five ends.Squares have four ends,triangle have three ends,lines have two ends,life has one end but our friendship has got no end.

33             A friend gives hope when life is low.A friend is a place where you can go.A friend is honest.A friend is true,a friend is precious,a friend is Y-O-U.!

34             If friend comes in colors, I will pick a sky blue,in birds a peacock,in cars hummer jeep,after death paradise and in peace,I will pick no one else but


35             Dear valued friend,a public notice place out requested 20 people out there that care about you,I should be number 1,if 20 people want you by their side

I should be number 1…You are a friend indeed!

36             It take a minute to find a person..An hour to appreciate them,a day to love them but more than entire life to forget them…that’s you are friend



As the day turns into night.Keep your worries out of sight,close your eyes and go to sleep.For all the good time are yours to keep.Sweetest dreams.


You may think I forget you,you may think that I don’t care,and you may think I’m not thinking of you.Well you’re’re still in my dreams.


Close your eyes and go to sleep,for angels are there for you to keep.If there is worries,please don’t weep.I’m at other side,just give me a beep.


The night is silence that i can’t sleep.May be because am waiting for cell phone to beep.Before I Dream,what I want is to get your message and read.

love inspirational text messages for your beloved

My day won’t certainly be over for I have something left to do I just couldn’t sleep,yet,without saying I love you.


Don’t let little thing get you’ve got many reasons to look up to God and say thanks to night,tomorrow,it’s going to be a great day.


My day may be hectic.My schedule may be tight,and I would never let the day go and would not say good night sweet dream.


Angels are there to guide and protect you in whatever,you’ll do.Tonight, they’ll take you to a place where your dream can come true.


Dream touches your heart and soul.It is a magical memories that united fantasy and reality.

Hope you will have the sweetest dream tonight…Good night.

A simple good evening became a special greeting when someone so dear,it ia heartily given bcos you have to me a wonderful meaning take care.

You are the reason why I have sleepless night,you are the reason why I tend to hold my pillow tight,and you are the reason I can’t sleep without saying goodnight.


Sorry looks back, Worries looks around,Faith looks up,Let your focus be up when you go out this week.

Elephants don’t pray to be big.

Birds don’t pray to fly because they are naturally destined with these features.

You will fulfill destiny in life.

However long the night,the dawn will break.

No man can count the star in the sky,no mathematician can count the sand on the ground,no one born of a woman can be able to count your blessing.

Heaven have confirmed today as the end of sorrow because God almighty that sit on the throne has remember you.He has taken away your sorrows.

God thought is all about you,to make you glo with pride.Talk the talk with him becaus he is the best connection and with him life is beautiful.

You belong to class of superior mentality,u are too,loaded to fall,keep moving.

My happiest moment is when ever u give me a call.Thanks for bringing sunshine to my life but will you make my dream comes true?



In my life I learn to love to smile, to be happy,to work hard,to be honest,to be faithful but i could not learn how to stop missing you. You are my life.


1                 I wish you the best success in all that you do.

2                 God is good all time,our lot are easier to bear we talk to God in prayer.

3                 The sliver tint of the cloud of doubt,and you never can tell how close you are,it may be near when it seam so far,so stick to fight when you’ve

hardest hit,it’s when it seam worse,that you must not quit.

4                 A DEDICATE WORLD

When planning be careful,when exciting,be cautious,when failing,be courageous,that’s the way to succeed in the delicate world.

5                 DON’T QUIT

When things go wrong,as they sometimes will,when the road you’re trudging seam all uphill,when fund are low,and dept are high,and you want to smile,

but you have to sigh,when care is pressing you down a bit,rset if you must,but don’t you quit.


6                 Life is quear with it twist and turns,as everyone of us sometime learns,and may a fial turn about,when he might won had he stuck it out;don’t give up

though the pace seam slow,you may succeed with another blow.Success is failure turned i nside out.

7                 Best wishes,wishing the best fo luck in all your undertakings.


My father say when others are siting,you will STAND,when dey stand,u will b STANDOUT,When they standout,u will be OUTSTANDING,when they are outstanding,u will be STANDARD.

Wishing you 12 months of happiness;52,weeks of fun,365 days of laughter,8,760 hours of favour,5,256,00 minutes of joy,31,536,000 second of success.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

I is sweet thing to do,I can be done standing,siting,lying down and hanging.Have you done it today?Hmm what’s your mind?I mean have you prayed.


1           Sweetheart,wishes come and go they say,but this particular wish made from the bottom of my heart on this special day that is yours alone,will abide in your

life forever…!

2           Darling,cheers on special day,may God prolong your life so that you will accomplish your mission and vision in life,you shall live to reap the fruit of your labor and be like the planted by the river side.

3           HONEY,today,you have every right and cause to rejoice and be glad indeed,because it the day of Lord has made for you and you alone…wishing you happiness

on your birthday!

4           My lovely Angel,may God remove anything that will cause sorrow,sadness today and always and multiply everything that will cause peace,joy and happiness to

you today,tomorrow and forever…Happy Birthday.

5           My dear,today is a special day made for you alone by God.I am wishing you happy birthday and wishing you more fulfilling years ahead ‘Cheers.”

6           Have a great time!May the hand of the lord rest upon you for blessing and good health.May he uphold you and make you a shining light to the world and

generation shall call you blessed.Happy Birthday.

7           Birthday wishes to you love,May God richly bless your day with peace and happiness.

8           As it is your birthday today,may God fulfilled the reams of yesterday,years become the laughter of accomplishment(s)and song of joy this year,from this day


9           Happy Birthday,may all you’ve worked for life come to you and your cherished DREAMS comes true.


It’s a wonderful day for recounting special memories that bring you delight.

11          Best wishes on your birthday dear honey,as you commemorate your birthday,there is no doubt that you have wish and desired.

12          When you would like accomplished in your life’s time.My prayer for you is that all this lofty desired be fulfilled for you in your life’s time.Have a

memorable birthday.

13          Have the happiest of birthday!As the bluebird of happiness flies over you.And the rainbow of love cover you.May the showers of blessing fall on you.and the

due of favour over shadow you,even as you make another day of fulfilled year gone by.Happy Birthday and many happy returns.


For the lord’s countless blessing on you,your birthday call for a celebration.Let’s thank God for the gift of your life is,for his unfailing support in the year gone by,and for making your life a source of inspiration to many.

15          To you,doing good to others is not a duty,it is a joy.For it increase one’s own happiness,and a year filled with excitement.Have great day and happiness always.

16          Happy birthday-your birthday is always at hearts,beautiful thought filled my mind as i recall the special day may God richly bless you.

17          Happy birthday,this is the day your joy,the day of lord for you.may God bless you now,and forever.

18          Happy birthday,may God bless you on your birthday,and give you a warm and lasting happiness.

19          Happy birthday,your birthday is nut in years,it is determine on your success,victories,achievements and the brighter prospect ahead.

20          Happy birthday my love,darling,I can’t imagine life without you no wonder,my world is so blessed.For you around I’m fit for life.Have a delicious celebration.

21          Birthday wishes,hope your birthday is such a happy one that brings treasure memories long after it has been done.and i hope the year that is lies ahead will be kind that bring many unexpected joy and pleasant happening.

love inspirational text messages for your beloved

22                           Your birthday is as special for me as it is for you because i have the honor of spending it with you.

23                           someone up there loves you and someone down here cares for you. Have a happy birthday

24                           To have you in my life is a special gift, i hope e can treasure each other forever.Enjoy your day!

25                           your smile entices me, your warmth caresses me,you the reason I see things positively.Happy Birthday.

26                           I may be far from you, but wevery time I close my eyes,I see you standing right beside  me.

27                           I hope you enjoy your Birthday. you may never know how much you mean to me.

28                           Happy Birthday to you! your birth comes once in a year and I want to make it special for you. I hope you like what is in store for you.

29             You rock my world,Happy Birthday.

30             If I could exchange all those moment I spent with you for tonne of gold,I would.Buy your present with that gold would make this days even better.

31             This is your special day and I hope I can make it better for you.Meet me,I love you.

32             To wish you a Happy Birthday is not the only thing I can do for you.Come home and I’ll show it you!

33             With these presents come my wishes for you to be successful in everything you do.

love inspirational text messages for your beloved ones

34             For my girl,Who help me defined my life,your birthday is an exclusive day for me to let you know that I love you.

35             Happy Birthday call for special worlds but  nothing new can compete with traditional.I love you.

36             Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.I hope we will stay together,forever!

37             You and I may be for apart but my wishes are with you on your birthday.

38             The distance between us grows but so does our love for each other.Happy Birthday.

39             To see you happy on your birthday is all I desire.I hope whatever you wish for.

40             With each gift you open today,I your happiness multiplies.May get success in all do.

41             I want to wish you a Happy Birthday in a special way.You and I will be together.

42             I hope you know I Cherish you and there is no better day to let you know than on your birthday.

43             May your birthday be filled with love,laughter and happiness.God bless you on this special day.

44             You be older than yesterday,but you are than tomorrow. Happy birthday.

45             While many people may be thinking of you on your birthday,I want you to know I’m first on that list!

46             To wish you success in all I desire.I hope you have a blast on your birthday and cherish it forever!


1            I so proud of you,congratulation on your marriage and a warm wishes for a wonderful future.

2            Now that you have left your father and your mother for a new home,may Almighty God bless your marriage.

3            Happy Married life,the truest joy of life is the ability to love,Now that you are joined for eternity,always share love and laughter among yourself and those you love.

4            Make our joy complete oh Lord,what God has joined together,let no man put Asunder,grant them good health,peace,joy,happiness and enduring love to live

happily together of the Glory of Almighty God,happy married life.

5            Happy Married Life,may your marriage be like beautiful handsome quilted  piece…A source of joy and comfort through all your days.May it have homely feel

and reflect all the love put into…May it last forever and become more treasure every year.congratulation and BEST WISHES always.


1     I am sorry,forgive me and be mine again.

2     I have wrong you but if I don’t do this,I will never be right.I apologize.

3     If I could avoid what happened,I would,but since I can’t will apologize.

4     You are the kindest person I have ever met.Forgive this bad who can’t live.

5     Our future hangs on this note of apology!Accept it and change my life forever.

6     I send these message to say sorry,you can take it or leave it.If you leave it,I’ll send in another message till you accept it.

7     You know that you’re pretty, you know that you’re smart, you know you’re intelligent but do you that I’m so sorry too?

8     I know saying sorry once won’t won’t here…sorry infinity.accept my apologies.

9     It’s suprising to you were we have landed because of a simple mistake,here is my sorry but were is yours?

10    Lets put thing back as they were!I am sorry.

love inspirational text messages for your beloved

11    The hardest to say but the easiest to acknowledge is the five letter words-sorry.I said it,will you acknowledge it?

12    Saying sorry can revive our relationship and let it blossom like before.I miss you sweetheart and I love you.

13    I’m sorry if I hurt you,I didn’t mean to.You are the love of my life come back to me.

14    For old times’sake,accept my apology.I want to be with you again,don’t keep me away.

15    Our relationship is important to me and here comes a sorry for you to forgive me and forget what I said.

16    My world is a better place because of you.don’t walk away.I’m sorry.

17    I apologize because I’m wrong but because I value our relationship more than my ego.

18    Saying sorry is the first step to restore a broken relationship.I said but will you accept it?

19    I didn’t mean to do what I did but am be willing to be forgiven,will you forgive me?

20    Love is four letter words while sorry is five,but when they work hand in hand,they make a relationship shine.

21    The genie granted me one wish.I asked for word PEACE. No’he said I asked for forgiveness. He said he’d try world peace.

22    You are the brightness ray of light in my life.Your anger ,makes my world dark.please forgive me.

23    I apologize for doing wrong to you forgive me,honey!

24    You are as sweet as are as bright as sun.I you accept my apology,you’ll be my number one.

25    Things were said in haste,things happened against fate,but you do accept my apology,everything will be better again…

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26    If not for me,accept this apology for bond we share.

27    I send you my love with the apology,accept it and make me happy.

28    I hope you accept this apology,for it come not only with the deepest regrets but with feeling so pure,that it’d make a fear I seam tainted.

29    If our relationship doesn’t work,I’ll blame you for it.Accept my apology and I will take the blame.

30    Words are rare for a feeling so pure,saying sorry won’t suffice.

31    I love you deeply and apologize for hurting you.

32    If I could take back my word I would,but since I can’t,here is a new set:I am sorry!

33    you have the heart of an Angel,forgive me my love,for I will never do it again.

34    I may not be the best but I love better than the rest,accept my apology and be mine again.

35    I would wake up with you in bed,but unless you accept my apology,I don’t think that can happen again

36    Our life is like flower in spring.If you leave,you’ll take away the essence!come back and let be together again.

37    I could apologize again but would you accept it?

38    Take my hand and guide me.Take my apology and forgive me.

39    Let’s get our life back again track-again.Take my apology and make it happen.

40    You are my pole star.But when you are angry,you miss-guide me.Accept my apology.

41    If I could,I will take back all things I did to hurt you.But since I can’t,please make do with my apologies.

42    I said my sorry,but you still have to accept it!

43    I won’t quit uNtill you accept my apology,I am sorry.

44    be with me forever,sweetheart.I am sorry.

45    I know I have stepped on your toes,I know I have made your heart bleed please accept my apology and forgive me.

love inspirational text messages for your beloved


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