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Do you know about Money Transfer Sending App? Have you ever taught of how to send money instantly to love ones without queuing up in the bank? However, there are apps that can help send that money instantly.

On this post, I will show you the best money transfer sending app for both Android and iOS Smart phones. you can also know this apps by this words(peer-to-peer payments).

Money Transfer Distinctive Features

It is now a well known fact that sending money is now fast and easier, more gratitude goes to these apps that can send money online instantly.

These apps are both compatible to Android and iOS phones, always efficient  when you really want to pay your friend or for a service to be delivered.

Before I go further to showing you the apps that are good in sending these money, I would like you to know that these apps are well trusted and certified, below you can see the full list of the apps.

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Most of them has concluded over a thousands, millions and even billions transactions. If you are here to check on ways you can send money to friends online and at the comfort of your home, then you are at the right place.

Also is very good to note that the prices are quite cheaper, affordable and reasonable. Each app has its own features and the work it can offer ion terms of money transfer etc. Most also comes with the options of sending money across many countries and companies.

NOTE: Money transfer apps has made all the payment much more secure and simpler. All you need is a Smartphone, then download the app to transfer money. Install and register apps with your details, then you can start making payments.

Money Transfer Sending Apps And Money Online Apps

Below are the listed apps for making transfer online and its features so that you will get all the required information for each one.

  • This is one of the best money transfer sending apps I would like to share with you guys.
  • PayPal app currently stands out to be the best way to transfer money internationally.
  • However there is another app called Venmo which is currently owned by PayPal.
  • It is also one of the oldest money transfer applications available,.
  • Amazingly, it has easy sending and receiving aspect for funds but it can come longer than expected.
  • PayPal is good for international payment, (but for peer-to-peer), then VENMO should be on your number list.
  • Just like I mention earlier “venmo”, Oh yes, it is always Venmo.
  • Well, venmo is a mobile payment platform and like you know, it is being owned by PayPal .
  • However,Venmo is much more easier, and faster to use when sending to your friends and families.
  • Also, it is very good when receiving money from business and loved ones.
  • it has social features and I can also pronounce them safe and secure.
  • Venmo charges just a 3 percent fee for credit cards.
  • Why Venmo is seen as the best mobile payment app for business, individuals and everyday user.

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  • This is also a very good app for money transfer sending process specifically for small amount of money.
  • It helps in boasting service of being the fastest among others.
  • Does this very easy: send money from your mobile as quickly as a text message.
  • For more understanding, it is available on iOS and Android app.
  • For your knowledge, it is safe, secured, and trusted to send money to friends and family in many
  • One of its features is that it allows you to choose how the recipient should receive the money.
  • WorldRemit most outstanding feature is the processing time, which is just a matter of minutes, making for near instant availability
  • This is a wide known app and they are publicly seen as the top best, when it comes to listing out money transfer
  • The app also allows for sending money very easy to your friends, families, business colleagues.
  • To even make payment smooth, and easy, they also installed the Touch ID recognition.
  • Check this out: it allows you to know how much your money transfers should cost, and provides all Western Union branch listings.
  • Western Union comes handy in global payment, and you can even track your payment. There is the option of paying direct from your bank account, card or in cash.
  • . Most of their service takes minutes, hours or days to finish the international money transfer.
  • TransferWise operates more like OFX.
  • It lacks minimum transfers, where you can easily you to send smaller amounts of money.
  • TransferWise allows you to transfer funds to your friends, families and transaction fees are at 0.7%, which is minimal compared to banks.
  • Square Cash app that can send and receive money with just a simple link to your debit card.
  • Also apart from Being a major splitting app for both Android and iOS, Square Cash apps allows everyday users to easily and securely send, receive, or request money from friends and family.
  • Square Cash covers splitting restaurant bills or apartment utilities, as you request the money from your friends.
  • the app does not charge any transaction fees for peer-to-peer transfers, and you can create an accessible web page for payments.