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The online passport renewal process is simply the best and easiest means of renewing your passport making your international status legal and authentic. The digital world is taking over so therefore the fast renewal for the passport application is one of its projects.

I think you should know this: to have an international passport is one thing and to renew the passport is another thing. The best part is to stay updated with a recent or current passport so that you will not be evicted from your choice of country.

Also, renewing your internal passport is a decision even when you know you ave a passport but cannot renew it after it expired.

Zemotrex is sure to update you with the best tips on how to renew your passport online without much stress.the post contains guide on how to get your international Your passport renewed and get passport instantly than you least expected.

Broad Line Questions On The Passport Renewal Process

This questions listed below has its answers already answered thereby making you know more about the passport issue.

*Who is eligible to apply for the passport renewal?

If you are a citizen of that country by birth or naturalization then you can apply for the passport once you come of age.

*If I lose my passport, can I renew it?

If you have lost your passport, am sorry it cannot be renewed. The main reason for that is because absence of older passport can’t request a new passport.

*Can I still apply for the passport even when I know I lost mine before?

Yes is very much possible for you to apply for a fresh passport even after you lost your old one.

*Is there facility for passport submission?

The facility for application must be a legal and well know for submitting passport renewal application form.

*If I have an emergency travel within two weeks, can I get my passport?

This is a nice question, you can speed up your passport renewal but it depends on the situation at hand. In this case, there is no time and you need your passport if your emergency travel is in 2-3 weeks.

Now, this what zemotrex advises you to do; you should book an appointment with any of the regional passport agencies, then prove your emergency travel, finally obtain the application form and fill. Hence, await your passport, you will get it faster than you think especially before your traveling period.

Limitations And Why You Might Not Be Offered A Passport Yet

These steps listed below can restrict you from renewing a passport:

  • Obtaining the passport at a very young age maybe before 15 years ago.
  • Also, when you lost the proof for change of name ( this is applicable to people that doesn’t bear the name written on the passport as their original name).
  • If the passport expired for a very long time(years).

Still on the same note, the duration for the passport is normally for 6 – 8 weeks but you can still speed up the processing duration to your convenience.

Therefore, the application form is online, you can download and fill it up but not submitted online. You can submit at any local  passport agency nearer to you.

You are free to apply for passport book, passport card, or both besides same requirement is needed. I will elaborate more on the passport book and passport card so that you will understand what I let’s quickly run it down now:

Passport Book and Passport Card Review

  1. Passport card: it qualifies a holder to travel but only by land and sea. However, it does not  qualify holders travel by air. It has a wallet size appearance and equally less expensive. Finally, you can only use it between these boundaries; Mexico and US, Canada, Bermuda and US.
  2. Passport book: it has a main purpose of qualifying the holders for international travels by air, land and sea. With passport book you can cross any boarder.

All Time Passport Renewal Process Review

  • Applicant or holder must be a citizen by birth or naturalization.
  • All application are to submit at passport acceptance facilities.
  • Passports valid for renewal are passports obtained within 15 years ago by applicant.
  • If you have proof of name change? Then, go ahead to renew your passport
  • A completely filled DS-82 application form either downloaded online or gotten from local passport acceptance facilities.
  • There is an application fee to be on recognition during the application.
  • You must pay the fees in order to improve the validity of the application form.
  • Do you need the passport before 2 – 3 weeks? you should book an appointment with any of the regional passport agencies, then prove your emergency travel, finally obtain the application form and fill.

Documents Needed For The Passport Renewal

  1. Accepted passport photo.
  2. The application form already filled.
  3. The old eligible passport.
  4. Application fee.

Note: You must apply for passport renewal before a year of your passport’s expiration and not the other way round.

How To Do Online Passport Renewal

To get your application form online, you should visit these link boldly written  for the application form. Therefore, let it be shown you penned any signature until the agency mandate you to do so.

Make sure you are ready to renew it before applying and filling up the form because any form that features signature will be penalized with disqualification.

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