Relationship Status: Imagine Things That Keeps You Hooked Up Or Not

What are the things that keeps your relationship status stable, stagnant or crashed out?? This are the “day dream” questions some sweet lovers need to know and consider as well.Check it out, many things can make that relationship stay long, or get it off the hook because there are things that were not in place.


How Did It Start?

No matter how you view this, is no longer a problem if only you know the tricks involved. Take a good look at that your relationship and what are the things you want to achieve from it.

Meeting a girl for the first time is a good thing but keeping the girl for a long time is another thing.

Most guys say ah, she will say “No” to me. I don’t think she will like me, she has a higher class than me. She looks like someone that will demand too much.

However, this questions are pretty good but can you take that step for once by meeting that lady, try your best by talking to her.

You cant just stay alone and start predicting things you don’t know about, knowing fully well that everybody in this world are not the same.


Facts In Your Relationship (status) Today

  • Love: when you love someone, you tend to give in your all to make that girl happy. A happy marriage or relationship built on love tends to last for long because you too tend to accommodate things together.

Sometimes the guy may do things that will hurt the girl but the girl still loves him. Just a little “ask of forgiveness” from the guy, the girl will accept him back and the relationship will still move on.

  • Respect: This one should not be neglected at all, when two people in love wants their marriage to last long then this should be considered.

If as a man your wife never respect you, the joy will no longer be there, most at times going home will make you boring because you know the peace is not there.

Some guys just look at a woman’s beauty and that’s all, frankly speaking my dear there are ladies that can make you go through hell likewise the same for men.

More Facts

  • Trust: A relationship without trust must abhor secrets fully, no matter how you see it., you will find out that there are things you will tell yourself that you can’t let her know about it.

Your spouse should always confide in you whether in good or bad times. It fosters growth in a higher level. It also gives you the confidence that you know what your spouse can do.

  • Understanding: Finally I will like to tell you that a complete understanding is an important tool in this relationship status.

It will keep that relationship stable for long, understanding makes you more mature. You find it difficult to have problem with your spouse, because you understand him and always show a room of accommodating the kind of life your partner is living.

There are partners who will always quarrel, settle and quarrel again then later break up. While some can quarrel and settle,make up and still quarrel, then finally they will make up again and and settle again.

Understand your partner today and you will make a difference in that relationship.


Spice Up That Relationship Status With…

  • Gifts
  • Text message
  • Calls
  • Care
  • Support
  • Jokes
  • Patient/Understanding.



What You Can Expect

This bis not fully a constant thing to know about in a relationship, you want to know why??

This is because every relationship has its ups and down, what it offers depend on how you present yourself.

Am not in any doubting trying to tell you that you can actually expect the worse in a relationship, not at all.

What am trying to tell you is that when there is a good side, there can also be a bad side, now is how you cope with it.

Every lady has something she has dream of about her man, there is is a way she wants her kind of man to be.

This is actually where you can fit in, i guess you know what am talking about,that’s one of the secret you should know.

Once you get her attention and her heart, then definitely love will set in…

There is some mistake guys make, they always think that all women are the same so they will rubbish and rough handle them.

To get a true woman’s love will not be easy, and when you get it, she will give you all her heart.


Faking Love

There is no way i will talk about relationship without telling you about this part, you want to know it??

So many women in this world but few men, men will say there are many fishes in the ocean.

Then women in the other hand will label men “Mugu money spender”, i guess you know what i mean.

There are ladies that you meet and they will evaluate your net worth within 10 seconds, if you don’t match what they want then they will leave you.

Truly, many people don’t believe in love anymore, this is because ladies will tell you if you don’t have the cash then bounce.

However, this is not for all women that is why i use the word some, so that you will know there are different species.

They fake love because they believe you have money to throw away on them, so they don’t care about love.

They will follow you always and even find ways to get all girls off your back, yes they can…

This has cause many problems where many guys fight because of a girl, they can even injure each other because of this.

This is someone that will never have their interest at her heart, love is not easy to get, is a gradual process.

HINT: so relax, understand her and take things slowly and gently, before you know it, you too are in love.