Why you should Request for a Meter and stop High Extortion By Power agency in Nigeria

It’s quite clear that the way Electricity Bills are evaluated appears not to be the accurate Bill which individuals, offices or companies should get at every time of Bill payment.

How best can we put an end to this form of extortion either completely or Partial? I recommend you to apply for electricity meter which can help you in a way to minimize the extortion Rate.

Meanwhile, To Request for a Meter in Nigeria is now a very open request for all citizen and Non-Citizen in the country. The proceed here will guide you well on the Request for a Meter from any location you are in the country.

However, I have to encourage everyone to apply for electricity meter. As for me at my location Electric Bills keep increasing monthly and still, there is no light, these agents play to be very clever for they only get power on the electricity during the time Bills are to be shared.

My dear people, we can’t hold out hands and keep taking these studio acts from these people. Still,  if you Request for a Meter and after installation that does not mean they can’t keep up with their extortion but now I believe it will be minimal compared to when you don’t have a prepaid meter at all.

Request for a Meter – How to apply for electricity meter in Nigeria

for you to go through this procedure there are some requirements from your and read the below note carefully…

Customers: Please note that when you want to enter your account number in the account number field below, you do not need to add the symbols, just insert the account number in full. e.g 51/43/14/1632-01 should be written as 514314163201. by Official EEDC Portal at Enugudisco.com.

The Application form requires the following…

Account Number
Contact Address
Select Customer Type

Here are the full steps you need

  1. Launch your browser and Goto Enugudisco.com one of the official portals in Nigeria
  2. Fill the request for above as follows Enter your Full name
  3. Enter your Account Number without slash or any form of symbol
  4. Enter your contact address “Street or City”.
  5. Select your state of residence in Nigeria
  6. Select your District
  7. Enter your Telephone number
  8. Enter your email address
  9. Select customer Type either

Tick the box which verifies whether your service wire separate or Not. The Tick either

Finally, the Submit Button below to send your Request for a Meter Application.

Nigeria Electricity Distribution Company will get in touch with you via your Email address and your Telephone contact.

Thanks, you can still tell us how you fell for we are here to serve you better.

If there is any other question on HOW TO Request for a Prepaid Meter, Make use the Comment BoX here.