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The RIA services which include- Ria money transfer and tracking, money transfer and status, current money location are all covered by the RIA agency. Nothing makes life easiest by knowing that a particular thing is taking care of even when your presence is not there.

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Many people makes use of Ria services because of their fast and reliable delivery services they offer at a go.

Supportive Services

The basic thing every man wants is to make a living with the little resources he has, also for his family needs t be met.

Now this resources might not be easy to get by, you can decide to expand in business or transfer funds to other places for business.

How do you check and secure your money transfer for one thing or the other, this is where RIA comes in.

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RIA is a universal know money tracking company which helps you track or check upon your money before it reaches to the final recipient.

You do not need to worry where the money is or how far the money has gone, all you need is just a tracking code which will help display the country the money is currently in.

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Ria is an efficient and effective money transfer tracking system, it is better than any other money  tracking system.

This transfer service (Ria) demands that each user must be over 18 years old, this makes it an official record for banking.

Also for you to receive a money sent to you via Ria, you should have an account at that ban to be able to receive the money.

The sweetest thing about this Ria services is that is both parties (sender and receiver), can easily track their money as it moves from the sender to its receiver respectively.

However, Ria has other products and services but is money tracking transfer is just most important and good.

Bedrock Information: Ria Money Transfer And Tracking

This information are basic and I know you would like to know them for more understanding details on Ria services.

  1. Ria is a money transfer company founded in the year 1987, as one of Euronet worldwide company.
  2. First place it was founded was in new york city.
  3. Has total control of many locations and countries, serves up to 318,000 locations in 148 countries.
  4. Its headquarter is in California, with many employers for service.
  5. Its official and well know website is: riamoneytransfer.com
    6. Ria also partners with Walmart (shopping store) for its services.


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  2. mobile top up.
  3. prepared debit card.
  4. check cashing.
  5. money services

Features Of Ria Money Transfer And Tracking

  • Money transfer is always secure to the fullest.
  • Very low fee payment.
  • Large engagements and versatile in ( 318,000 locations and 148 plus countries).
  • Very quick transfer, money reaches the receiver as fast as possible.
  • You tend to receive bonus as you send amazon gift card at first transaction.
  • Well, transfer is easy and no stress involved when you think of the queue in many banks etc
  • Offers many product services as mentioned above (#).

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Ria Money Transfer And Tracking Locations In Brief

This is part of what you should know also. Transfers and receivers can be done in:

  1. Various bank branches registered with RIA.
  2. Retail; shops and groceries shops .
  3. At currency exchange space.
  4. Many Walmart companies worldwide and known countries as well.

Setbacks or demerits Of RIA Money Transfer

  1. Popularity issue: is not yet popular in some countries.
  2. Ria offices are not all over the countries, few in some areas.
  3. You cannot use any bank to withdraw with Ria.

#RIA CONTROL DIGIT NUMBER– the Ria digit code must be 12 digits tracking number, this should be well taking and can be used to track the number via the website I earlier talked about.

For Successful Transfer: This Is How To Send Money Via Ria

  • Enter the website in your browser.
  • Chose and enter the money you wsnt to send.
  • Select or pick the country you want to sendf the money
  • Then, click on payment method shown: ACH transfer, DEBIT CARD OR CREDIT CARD PAYMENT.
  • You can check the total cost of transaction you will spend.
  • Good option: select how you want the money to be picked by your receiver over there.
  • Enter your recipient details.
  • You can also choose the transfer locality.
  • Finally, submit.

How Can I Receive The Ria Money Transfer

  1. You know once the money is sent to you as receiver, to get it becomes easy.
  2. You can receive the money via bank account or any nearby Ria office close by with the details given to you.
  3. As a sender you will be given the pin number, this is important and you can give it to your receiver for collection.
  4. Also the details you provided on the Ria document will be checked, so make sure you enter the correct details of your receiver so that they will not have problems picking up money.

NOTE: you can open a ria pay near me account to send money easily to friends and this makes life easier for people.

Frequent Questions And Answers On Ria Products And Services ( Ria Money Transfer And Tracking.)

This are frequent questions you ought to be ask about Ria, do not worry Zemotrex has got you covered.

  • RIA CUSTOMER SERVICES: yes there is a constant customer service always on deck via calls.

See Email: CustomerService@RiaMoneyTransfer.com,

For calls , this is what it looks like : (Call: +1-(877) 443-1399 ( in the U.S.).

  • CAN I TRACK MY MONEY: yes you can track your money so easy, is free, easier and fast, all you need is the pin number and reference ID details to track your money.
  • TIME PROCEDURE FOR SENDING MONEY ON RIA: the time limit for those customers using credit and debit cards is just 15 minutes but for transfer via bank account, it can take up to 4 working days to arrive.
  • MONEY LIMIT: this is how it goes ($2,999.99 per transfer per day and a maximum of $7,999 in 30 days.)
  • HOW TO CANCEL MONEY AND KNOW IF RECEIVERS HAS RECEIVE THE MONEY: you know your receiver has gotten money because RIA will send mails to notify your. Then for money cancel transfer: you can go to online, click on recent orders and click the cancel button then submit.