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Water intake is very necessary to the body. Water is also one of the six classes of food, there are lots of things I will tell you about water that you don’t know. Sit back, relax and scroll down to get more information.

Basic Information

Back then when we are in school, I could remember the teacher vividly say things clearly about water.

She said water is a universal solvent and most important ingredient in life, most of us were confuse and surprised as well. Now, I came to realized what that statement really mean.

Water is very much necessary in our everyday life, in fact water is our everyday commodity. Water is inevitable, and as much a great supplement to our foods.

However, most at times we forget the use of water and how relevant it is to us in our everyday activities.

When we talk of water, we mean clean water (not hard water, and dirty water). Using the aforementioned water in the brackets has its own side effects.

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Making A Choice Today

Well is no more a new thing when we talk of water. The little I share with you here will help you a lot.

Water is necessary and as much you need to take clean water either in sachets or in bottles, dirty water intake causes typhoid and dysentery.

Some people drink water from the river, oceans and streams. This can be harmful to your health and cause other damages to your body system. Make a good choice today!!!

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Benefits Of Water Intake

  • Water increases your brain power: about 73% of water is contain in your brain, enough water intake will help you relax and concentrate more.
  • Flushes out toxins: water helps to wash off harmful pigments like toxins in your body through urination or sweats, also making the kidney very free.
  • Boost immune system: water balances your immune system, enough water in take during the cold & flu season is necessary.
  • Weight loss: many might not believe this, but is possible. Water helps to reduce the weight in your body because it helps in washing out some fatty substances in the body.
  • Prevents headaches: this is one of the most primary function of water. It reduces headaches in addition to increase in brain power.
  • Regulate The Body Temperature: this is very important to the body.
  • Prevent backaches: vital to the body, your back vertebra bones contains discs which is made up of water. Lack of water will not support it.
  • Reduces hangover: is very important, because alcohol intake drains water in the body so is advisable you take enough water so as to balance your body system.

Drinking Water Each Day (Water Intake)

To drink water is very much necessary and good for health, no matter your status you will drink water to stay alive.

Now, there are many things water can do in your body, but the most paramount thing is for you to drink safe water.

All the water industries have been working hard to make sure you drink good water, keep to good health also.

Every tissue, cell and organs in your body needs water water to work properly.

Bear in mind that lack of water can lead to dehydration, so take this opportunity and keep on drinking water.


Well, this is to inform you as a man or woman, number of glasses you should take to avoid health issue.

  • For men: 15 cups (3.7 litres)
  • For women: 11 cups (2.7 litres)

Taking enough water as mention above, will make your body well fit and the body system is also working perfectly.

Today,you can start practicing this few steps mention above.

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Water Sources

Many people get this wrong by not adhering to the instructions they are to carry out, they don’t value their body.

Your body system might be different from that your friends own, your friend might be surviving with those things.

Once you try it, it might weaken your body or get your skin worn out.

Sources of good water is always available, but many especially in rural areas tend to drink dirty and unfit water.

This water intake affects your body and makes you worn out and can even lead to other diseases because of germs.

So the best thing to do, is to watch the kind of water you take. let it be from a known source.

Also well purified, and good for drinking. there are so many worms in this world please don’t fall a victim.

Various Factors To Consider While Taking Water

There are few things you do that keeps you dehydrated and worn out of water, you will see it here.

This is the important thing you should also consider, so that you will know when your body is lacking water.

  1. Exercise
  2. Environment
  3. Breast feeding
  4. Hard job

Exercise: this is a good factor, why? because during exercise the body loses water through sweat. this makes you lose water.

Environment: these also plays a role, because hot and cold weather is not the same.

you tend to lose water during the hot weather.

Breast feeding: this is mostly for nursing mothers, the newly born baby sucks the mother breast which is in liquid form.

This makes the mother dehydrated, so she needs to take enough water.

Hard job: i am considering the strenuous jobs, especially those in their work requires physical strength.

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Various Symptoms Of Water Loss In The Body(Water Intake)

Below this sub-heading you will see various symptoms that tells you need more water.

Water is important, you have to watch your body closely, your health counts.

  • Dry lips
  • Urine becomes dark in color
  • Nasal passage becomes dry
  • Thirst
  • Headache
  • Weakness
  • Being tired